The Style's


8. 3rd period

Math again great. I hated math but I hated algebra more. I hated that Louis was in my class. Im lost in my thoughts I need to pay attention. "Dana" my teacher asks. "Yes I say with some attitude. "Well what's the answer,were you paying attention" "Umm well I-" I stop because I'm so embarrassed, I feel some eyes staring at me. One of the pair of eyes were Louis's beuti- I mean blue eyes (I flushed) he's definitely staring at my ass, great. "No I wasn't" I answered (really embarrassed) and I know that he was a little upset so he just grunted and countries his teaching.

!RING RING! Our bell rings and it's fourth a period I can actually enjoy. Now I'm sitting in art and Louis is finally not in my class (: . I can't wait for lunch.

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