I Couldn't Stop Loving Her

Hey guys, this is the first book in a sequel�� hope you guys enjoy
Emily Taylor- I never realised what one girl could do to you when you had fallen in love, she changed my life for the better��❤️��


1. My First Look🙊

❤️Hey guys, so this book is Ashton's POV❤️

I walked into my favourite comic book store. I went to my usual spot and saw it was taken, but taken by the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen! She looked about 16 and had wavy brown hair going past her shoulders, fallen perfectly, brown eyes and the cutest face I have ever seen, brown freckles dotted all around her nose. She was the perfect package!!!

I went up to her, I didn't know what to say. With the band I'm always surrounded by girls my age but there was something different about her, some charm that I couldn't shake off. Normally I know how to act in these situations but there's something about her that is different to any other girl. 'Ahh Captain America is my favourite but you can't get enough of Thor oh especially Loci!' She looked at me in surprise and then excitement

'Ashton, from 5sos?!?!?'

'Yeah, sorry to disturb you it's just I really like marvel!!'

'Really oh my god same!! I'm totally obsessed!! I mean I understand if you don't want to come because well your Ashton Irwin but there's a marvel convention coming up this Sunday, would you like to come with me??' Emily said nervously, I can't believe it she basically asked me out, I didn't have to do anything!

'Yes of course I'll come, I can't wait!!'

'Me neither, I'll see you then outside the hall??'

'Its a date!!' I replied awkwardly 'see you then' she winked at me and I couldn't believe it!! I am so excited 🎉

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