I Couldn't Stop Loving Her

Hey guys, this is the first book in a sequel�� hope you guys enjoy
Emily Taylor- I never realised what one girl could do to you when you had fallen in love, she changed my life for the better��❤️��


2. Marvel Mayhem😈

~skip to weekend~

I saw her standing there, exactly where she said she would be, outside Hall H, she looked beautiful even in a costume!! She was wearing the same as me, Captain America. I was stunned, she must of seen me staring because she blushed a little and waved. He cape was bright red and she had the exact replica of his shield she looked just like him. Except from the part that so so so beautiful!!

We linked arms and walked in 'isn't this exciting!!!' I asked, trying to act casual, 'It is amazing I love Marvel, it's my dream come true!' Oh my god, how can she be even cuter? Then the show started ;)!

Last of all, Chris Evans walked on!! Emily cheered the loudest, clapped the loudest, and finally caught Chris Evans attention. I just stood there watching as Chris Evans told Emily to come up on stage with her! Emily looked flabbergasted. She unlinked from my arm and pushed past the crowd to get up on stage. Chris Evans helped her up and as soon as she stood up Chris Evans kissed her on the cheek- that's when I pushed past the crowd to get out of the room- I felt really upset. :(

After the convention I saw Emily running up towards me, calling my name, but I took no interest. After 5 days of knowing someone they break your heart.

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