the road to happiness


1. chapter.1

my story of my road to happiness


there I lay in the grungy hospital room trying to remember why I was here then it flashed in my brain, the car crash


we were all piled in the car and we were all singing at the top of our longs me, my mom, my dad, brother and sister we stopped at a red let and starting moving at a green light then boom. a drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into us.


I then thought where's my family I got up and opened the door and started running and screaming for my family I stopped as I saw a crowd of nurses with sad faces moving two stretcher's with white covers covering the two people on the stretcher's, I walked up to them and there faces became more destructed full of sadness and pity and I instantly knew it was two people from my family I asked in a small voice "who?." they looked confused "who. who are they?' they all took deep breaths and a lady sighed and spoke up "catrina, your... parents have passed away." I collapsed, next thing I know im in another grungy hospital room I looked around and see my sister and brother sitting on the chairs next to my bed trying to put smiles on their faces but fail terribly and hug me, and I hugged back. we sat there with tears rolling down our cheeks hugging, thoughts filled in my head of what was going to happen and that's the start of my story.

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