the road to happiness


2. chapter. 2

as I walked out of the hospital with my brother and sister I toke a deep breath and called the only person I could think of... Ashton I dialed the number and pressed call seconds later he picked up "Hello?'' " hey Ashton its cat" " sorry but I think this may be the wrong number" tears poured out of my eyes " don't remember me? its cat?... Catrina?'' " sorry should I remember you?" " I was your best friend for 13 years..." "are you a crazy fan or something?" "no I am not I was your best friend until you left to get famous, anyways I called cause my parents died and we aren't aloud to stay at our house for another week and we have no money or anywhere to go, I was going to ask to stay with you but I guess not cause you don't remember your best friend for 13 fucking years" I broke down crying "where are you?" "why would you care?" "where are you?" he said ignoring my question "saint james hospital" I responded "I am on my way" he hung up and left me breathless he really was the same kind Ashton that I used to know.

(sorry this chapter and the chapter before is so short but I have barely enough time to write, im writing the next chapter it will take longer but it will be better and longer sorry)


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