My Aunts Boyfriend (Harry Styles L.S) (Discontinued)

NOTE: This is NOT mine, all rights and credit go to the original author (sharing it cause I really LOVE this story, and I hope you will too:) )

November 18, 2012.
That Date will always be ingraved in my head..
That was the day my parents were killed.
My name is Kayla Mathews, I’m 15, and I go to High School.
I’m the only child, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina.
But that’s all about to change.
Supposedly, in my parents will, it states that if anything should happen to them, I am to live with my Aunt…
Problem is, I don’t know my Aunt.
I mean I’ve heard of her, got a few gifts during the year for Christmas and my Birthday. End of Story.
But, now I have a ticket for tomorrow to fly there..
You know where she lives?


25. Chapter Twenty Five

As soon as I closed the bus door, I started to run but Liam grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to the side.


“Did you do it?” Liam asked.

I nodded my head, and all the tears started to flood out.

Liam grasped me in a tight hug.


“It’s okay Kayla. Shhh, don’t cry, please” Liam whispered into my ear.

I felt so comfortable with Liam.

Ever since I came on Tour with them, Liam and I have definitely become closer.

He was always there for me, and I’m so grateful for that.

When I stopped crying Liam released me from the hug.

He took his thumb and wiped the tears off of my face.

I smiled a little.


“Kayla, you are a beautiful young girl, this is not forever, as soon as we find out who told Lou this you can go back to Harry, just remember that” Liam whispered with a smile.

I nodded my head and Liam and I walked back to the front of the bus.

I saw Niall and Zayn kicking a soccer ball around.

When they saw us, they stopped.


“Hey are you okay?” Niall asked and put his arms around me.


“Yeah, um, yeah, I’m fine” I said.

I couldn’t let them know what was happening.


“Good” Niall said and started to kick the soccer ball against the bus.


“Glad to hear that” Zayn added and winked at me before answering an incoming phone call.

He excused himself and answered the phone.

I turned back to Liam.

Liam was smiling widely.


“What?” I asked, laughing.

Liam shook his head laughing.

I punched him lightly in the arm.


“Tell me!” I protested.

Between giggles Liam said, ‘’It seems Zayn fancies you.’’


“Does not!” I pouted.

Liam kept nodding his head and we both cracked up laughing.

Zayn returned.

He looked like he had something to tell us.

Liam nudged my arm so I would pay attention to Zayn.


“Harry said he was going to stay out tonight at a friend’s house or something…” Zayn said awkwardly.


“Wha- why?” Niall asked leaving the soccer ball drift under the bus.


“I don’t know, he just said he was staying at an old friend’s house. I think Alyssa’s” Zayn replied.


“Oooooh, he’s probably going to try to get some tonight” Niall said giggling.


“Yeah, she was pretty hot” Zayn added.

Niall and Zayn started making some jokes.

Liam could tell it was very awkward for me because I wasn’t laughing or smiling like I usually did.


“Hey Kayla, do you want to go get some hot chocolate with me and take a little walk?” Liam asked trying to comfort me.


“Yeah, I’d like that” I replied.




I went inside the bus and grabbed my brown leather purse.

Liam was waiting outside the bus kicking the soccer ball back and forth to Niall and Zayn.

When he saw me, he left the game and grabbed my hand.


“Where are you two going?” Niall asked, putting his hand on his hip.


“To get some hot chocolate” Liam said.


“I want to come! I want to come!” Niall protested, jumping up and down.


“Sorry Niall, not tonight” Liam said.

Liam hates saying no to people, that’s something I’ve learned while I’ve been with them.

Like for example, when Lou had locked himself in the room, Zayn and Liam were playing rock, paper, scissors, shoot, I had taught them that shortly after I arrived, and in the middle of the round, Niall wanted to play X-Box, but Zayn had told Liam he would beat him so Liam was determined to win. Shortly after Liam said no, Niall had started to cry.


“Oh, okay” Niall said walking off with his head hanging down.


“Hey Niall!” Liam called hopefully Niall would respond.


“Yeah” Niall said looking at the ground.


“How about we bring you back an extra-large hot chocolate?” Liam asked with a smile.

Niall’s head popped up and he shot around.


“Make that 2 and I won’t terrorize you with any spoons!” Niall challenged.


“Deal!” Liam replied laughing.

Niall returned to his game of soccer with Zayn, and Liam and I were on our way down the street.

We passed all these little stores with bright lights, it was really nice here in London.

I’ve never seen anything as nice as this before.


“Liam?” I asked, my attention still focused on the stores and Christmas lights.

Christmas was always my favourite holiday.


“Yes Kayla?” He questioned.

I could tell he liked London as much as I did.


“Do you really think Harry would do that? You know with Alyssa?” I asked looking him in the eye.

He hadn’t noticed because I could see the reflection of the lights in his eyes.


“Hard to say” he started, turning his attention to me, “Harry is a womanizer”


“I know, I just thought, that if he really cared about me, like I care about him, he wouldn’t do.  It you know?” I said.


“Yeah, I get were your coming at…” Liam answered.

After a quiet walk through London, we made it to Starbucks.

Liam opened the glass door and we walked and waited in line.

The smell of peppermint wondered through the air.

When we were up, Liam ordered two large hot chocolates, an extra-large hot chocolate, and a chocolate chip cookie.

When we got our food, Liam found a small two seater table and we sat down.

We didn’t talk much, but it was nice to just sit, and relax.

After we demolished our cookie, we brought our hot chocolates with us outside into the bitter, cold air.


“You’re really going to like going on Tour with us Kayla, we get to go to so many places” Liam said excited.


“I bet” I replied. “There’s always been this part of me that always loves to travel” I said giggling.

Liam giggled too.

We passed an ice skating rink, and a bridge that led over a Brooke.

On our right, we saw a gift shop.


“Hey wanna go in there!” I exclaimed.


“I thought you’d never ask!” Liam squealed.

We ran into the gift shop and went straight to the toys.

The gift shop was an old store.

There were wood floor boards the creaked where ever you walked, Christmas reefs hanging from the windows and shelves and shelves of toys.

It wasn’t very busy but a few people, Liam and I started to play with little trains and teddy bears.

I heard laughing and giggling coming from behind a shelf.


“Did you hear that?” I asked Liam.


“What?” Liam asked confused.


“That laugh… it sounds… familiar” I said.

Liam shook his shoulders.


“Wanna be secret spies?” He asked all excited.


“Sure!” I whisper shouted.

Liam and I started rolling around on the floor and bumping into things until a short little man with dark brown eyes and white hair kicked us out.

Liam and I laughed while we walked out.

I couldn’t help but glance in the glass window one last time before we left.

And let me tell you, I wish I hadn’t.

Standing in the gift shop was a girl with black hair and blue eyes with Harry.

My jaw dropped.

I couldn’t help but wonder if that was Alyssa, the girl Harry was spending the night with.

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