My Aunts Boyfriend (Harry Styles L.S) (Discontinued)

NOTE: This is NOT mine, all rights and credit go to the original author (sharing it cause I really LOVE this story, and I hope you will too:) )

November 18, 2012.
That Date will always be ingraved in my head..
That was the day my parents were killed.
My name is Kayla Mathews, I’m 15, and I go to High School.
I’m the only child, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina.
But that’s all about to change.
Supposedly, in my parents will, it states that if anything should happen to them, I am to live with my Aunt…
Problem is, I don’t know my Aunt.
I mean I’ve heard of her, got a few gifts during the year for Christmas and my Birthday. End of Story.
But, now I have a ticket for tomorrow to fly there..
You know where she lives?


19. Chapter Nineteen

As soon as I got into my room, I closed the door and started to jump up and down and fan girl quietly.

I could not believe I get to go on Tour with the best band on Earth, One Direction!

I squealed.

I bent down on my knees and looked under my bed for my duffle bag.

After shuffling around, I finally found it.

I got up and ran to my closet and started to pull out my clothes.

I started to hum softly all the countries I would get to go to.


“Italy, France, Canada, Ireland-“ I started but cut off by a knock on my door.

I glanced over to the door.


“It’s open” I yelled.

The door creaked open.

It was Harry.


“Hey” I said casually to him.

He closed the door quietly and walked over to my bed and sat down.


“Hey” He replied enthusiastically.

I brought the load of clothes to my duffle bag and slammed them in.


“Here babe, let me help” Harry said with a smile removing my hands off the duffle bag.

I sighed.


“What’s wrong?” Harry asked hurt.


“Nothing” I said. “Just a little tired”


“Oh, Okay” Harry replied zipping up my bag.


“Is that it?” Harry asked looking down at my bag.


“Yeah” I said yawning.

He moved the hair away from my eye.


“As soon as we get on the bus, you can take a little cat nap” Harry said tapping my nose.

I laughed and nodded my head.

Then I heard the doorbell ring.


“I got it” my Aunt called at us.

Harry brought my duffle bag out of my room and carried it downstairs.


“Hey mate” I heard a piped up tone.

He was wearing red skinny jeans, a navy blue and white striped shirt with burlap TOMS.

I smiled.

It was Louis.

‘I can’t believe right before me is One Direction’ I thought, ‘this is amaZAYN’

I looked around and saw Louis and Liam at the door.

I wondered where Zayn and Niall were.

I heard a honk from a car outside.

I leaned over to see Niall in the passenger seat with a sub in his hands. Typical.


“Let’s go! I want to get some chicken wings before we meet Paul and they close at 6!” He called.

I laughed.


Harry smiled and said “Let’s go”

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