My Aunts Boyfriend (Harry Styles L.S) (Discontinued)

NOTE: This is NOT mine, all rights and credit go to the original author (sharing it cause I really LOVE this story, and I hope you will too:) )

November 18, 2012.
That Date will always be ingraved in my head..
That was the day my parents were killed.
My name is Kayla Mathews, I’m 15, and I go to High School.
I’m the only child, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina.
But that’s all about to change.
Supposedly, in my parents will, it states that if anything should happen to them, I am to live with my Aunt…
Problem is, I don’t know my Aunt.
I mean I’ve heard of her, got a few gifts during the year for Christmas and my Birthday. End of Story.
But, now I have a ticket for tomorrow to fly there..
You know where she lives?


14. Chapter Fourteen

I woke up to screaming.

My clock read 11:15 A.M.

My eyes widened.

Last Night.





“Oh my god! Harry!” I yelled.

I jumped out of my bed and ran down the winding staircase.

My Aunt was in the living room yelling at Harry who was in nothing but a pair of boxers that had Spider Man on them.

Harry glanced over at me.

His eyes told me ‘to go upstairs and let him handle this’

Of course, I didn’t listen to him.


“Aunt Lin”’ I called.

She turned around and looked at me.

Anger crossed her face.


“Kayla! Perfect timing! Would you care to explain this!?” She yelled at me.

She was holding a magazine.

Harry and I were on the front page kissing in the car.

The caption said:


‘Kayla Mathews and Harry Styles DATING?’


“Lin! Don’t yell at her!” Harry screamed.

My Aunt waited for a response from me.


“Um…” I started and glanced at Harry.


“Lin, there’s something I need to tell you” Harry said stepping into the conversation.

My Aunt turned around and looked at Harry.


“No! Don’t listen to him!” I yelled.

My Aunt yanked around and gave me a dead stare.


“I um, wanted to go to a movie and um, I asked Harry to go with me. More like made him go with me” I started.

Harry kept mouthing to me ’No, stop.’

I kept going.


“And I knew the paparazzi would be following us, so I kissed him when they showed up… to get attention, I’m so sorry Aunt Lin” I said looking up from the floor.


“Oh… It’s okay sweetie. It was just an accident!” My Aunt said cheerfully.

She was satisfied with my answer.


“Well” She said scratching her head.


“I’m gonna hop into the bath and we’ll discuss this later, about your… punishment Kayla” my Aunt said.


“Okay” I replied.

My Aunt walked down the hall and slammed the door.

Harry walked over to me.

“Why did you cover for me like that?” He whispered into my ear.

I could feel his warm breath run down my neck.


“Because I- because I love you” I said looking into his emerald green eyes.

His face was shocked.

He didn’t feel the same way as I did.

I started to walk up the stairs, but got pulled around facing Harry.

Harry looked me in the eyes and pulled me closer to him and kissed me passionately on the lips.

Every time this happens, Sparks fly in my stomach.

We both pulled away.


“Kayla” He began.


“I love you too” he said before kissing me again.

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