My Aunts Boyfriend (Harry Styles L.S) (Discontinued)

NOTE: This is NOT mine, all rights and credit go to the original author (sharing it cause I really LOVE this story, and I hope you will too:) )

November 18, 2012.
That Date will always be ingraved in my head..
That was the day my parents were killed.
My name is Kayla Mathews, I’m 15, and I go to High School.
I’m the only child, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina.
But that’s all about to change.
Supposedly, in my parents will, it states that if anything should happen to them, I am to live with my Aunt…
Problem is, I don’t know my Aunt.
I mean I’ve heard of her, got a few gifts during the year for Christmas and my Birthday. End of Story.
But, now I have a ticket for tomorrow to fly there..
You know where she lives?


5. Chapter Five

My eyes flickered back and forth from my Aunt to Harry.
He started to walk down the Spiral Staircase.

"I don't believe we met" Harry said extending his arm to me.

"But I saw-" I started but got cut off by Harry.

"I'm starving Lin, we should go order something in tonight. Are you hungry Kayla?" Harry asked, his eyes told me to keep quiet.
But why?
Why couldn't he just tell my Aunt that we met at the Airport?

"Kayla?" Harry asked worried.

"Huh. What?" I replied.
My Aunt went behind Harry and started rubbing his shoulders.

"It's so cute when you worry about her" My Aunt whispered trying to sound cute and fun, but Harry and I both knew she wasn’t.

"Um, yeah. I guess I am a little hungry" I said trying to break the awkward silence between Harry and I.

"Okay good. I'll set the table and you and Harry can go order what you want" My Aunt replied with a smile before walking into the Kitchen.
Harry and I stood looking at each other.
His eyes kept wondering over my breasts.
I quickly folded my arms over them, trying to cover up.

"Okay. Let's go" He said awkwardly.
He could feel the tension in the air and so could I.
I haven't moved, it felt as if my feet were glued to the floor.
I don't want to go drive in the car with him!

"Are you coming?" He tried one last time.
"Erm, yeah" I replied walking into the cold, damp air.


Hope you're liking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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