My Aunts Boyfriend (Harry Styles L.S) (Discontinued)

NOTE: This is NOT mine, all rights and credit go to the original author (sharing it cause I really LOVE this story, and I hope you will too:) ) November 18, 2012. That Date will always be ingraved in my head.. That was the day my parents were killed. My name is Kayla Mathews, I’m 15, and I go to High School. I’m the only child, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. But that’s all about to change. Supposedly, in my parents will, it states that if anything should happen to them, I am to live with my Aunt… Problem is, I don’t know my Aunt. I mean I’ve heard of her, got a few gifts during the year for Christmas and my Birthday. End of Story. But, now I have a ticket for tomorrow to fly there.. You know where she lives? England.


24. Chapter Twenty Four

About an hour and a half later, Harry stumbled out of the back bedroom rubbing his eyes.

He was only wearing a pair of Jack Wills boxers.

When he saw me, he smiled widely and sat down next to me.


“Hey” he cooed into my ear and putting his arm around my shoulders.

Liam glanced over at me and nodded his head before walking to bus door and letting himself out.


“Where’s everyone going?” Harry asked, looking to his left then to his right.


“Um, I don’t know” I lied.

Truth was, I did know, Liam had told Niall, Zayn, and Louis to go outside because there were a TOMS Shoe Truck outside and a buffet down the street.


“Oh, well now it’s just me and you” Harry whispered, removing his arms from around my shoulders to pull me close by the waist.

Everything he did made it so much harder than it already was.

I jumped off the couch.

Harry sat up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

I felt terrible, all Harry ever tried to do is make me happy, and this is how I repay him?


“Um, I think we should have a talk you know, about me and you…”I said looking at my feet.


“Wait, what!?” Harry yelped.

He picked himself off the couch.


“Did I do something wrong?” He asked hurt filtering through him, I could see it.


“No, no. It’s me” I replied looking him in the eye.

He placed his hands on my shoulders.


“I just think we should- we should take a break” I whispered.

My eyes started to tear up.

Harry’s eyes flickered from one eye to the other.

He gulped, “Ka- Kayla, please tell me your joking” Harry asked trying to laugh.

I shook my head and returned my glance to looking at the floor.

A moment passed and Harry tilted my chin up.


“Kayla, if I ever did anything to hurt you or make you sad, I- I’m sorry” Harry whispered.

I didn’t respond.


“Please, don’t leave me” He whispered, his eyes were tearing up.


“I’m so sorry Harry” was all I said before running out the bus door and leaving a broken hearted Harry.


Extra chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

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