perfect imperfect guy?

Sabrina didn't exactly have the best life. She was very pretty, but no, that wasn't what she cared about. All she ever wanted was love! Someone that would hold her close at night&sing her to sleep. Someone that would say 'I love you' anytime they could. Also known as to most girls, a dream guy! Will she find it where she most expects it? Or will she find it in someone no one ever expected?


1. meeting him

Sabrina's POV:

Maybe I was pretty to people, maybe I wasn't. In all honesty, I don't care! All I ever want in life is.... love! I know very cheesy but it's just something I've always wanted. Yet I cant find it anywhere. Trust me I've looked. Today I have a job interview! Only for a local bakery but its still exciting! I got dressed in a black lace top from Pac sun and some moon leggings from forever 21 and can't forget my combat boots! After I got dressed and showered I turned my natural curly hair into straight long hair with my favorite straightener. I applied light mascara and eye shadow, grabbed my Vera Bradley, and headed out the door. I hopped into my light blue jeep and started off for my interview. I turned on the radio and heard one of my favorite songs out right now ''Steal my girl''. I know I know, you're probably thinking wow you like one direction? But really, their songs are perfect, they are incredibly good looking and can sing better then basically any other band I think I've heard in my entire life. By now I was almost to the bakery and I swear I could see a bunch of girls but I thought that I must've just been seeing things. But when I finally reached the bakery I saw a whole street of girls in front of the bakery. I parked in the only parking spot there was and tried to reach the front door. But there was a big man blocking my way.

''Uh sir, may I get through? I have a job interview in 5 minutes!'' I explain to the man blocking the door.

''Sorry lady, NO ONE is getting in here until Mr. Styles is ready to leave.'' He says rather rudely.

''Hey Mike! Let the poor girl in. She's obviously not a fan just a girl trying to find a job!'' I hear a rather deep voice say.

I turn around and my eyes widen. Is that? No,it couldn't be! I brushed past the guard and squeezed into the door of the bakery. If you're wondering who ''it'' was, it was the Harry Styles! I tried to act calm because I know that if I did anything crazy I could be kicked out. There were just ordinary people in the bakery, an older man, a few guys my age

(around 18) and that's it. But no! Harry he just completely lit up the room to me. Gorgeous curls I want to run my fingers through, perfect smile, and something I loved in him, his acne. He's not perfect in some eyes but he's definitely perfect in mine. I walk up to the counter and ask where the manager was. The lady said one minute so as I waited I decided to stare at... you guessed it! Harry. There's just something about him that i cant dare to look away from.

''Hun he's right here'' I hear a sweet voice from behind me say. I look behind me to see a middle aged man with a ''Palos bakery'' t-shirt on.

''Hi! I'm here for the interview?'' I ask questionably.

''Yes! Mr. Styles would you like to interview this one?'' He questions Harry. My eyes widen as I hear a 'yes' come out of Harrys mouth. Harry guides me to a room right next to the counter and whispers in my ear

''First very important question, do you have a boyfriend?''



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