The Day I Die

Whenever I thought of death I always thought of darkness, of nothingness of blackness. of fear. But now I know. And I try to ignore the dark and the nothingness and just try to continue my life. I know that Death, has only allowed me 30 days but I feel him everywhere. shouldnt you have better things to do? I called out into the night. I should feel proud and happy knowing im safe and nothing can hurt me these 30 days. That Death is mine forever.


4. When All Is Lost

When I awake, I am in a dark, warm chamber. Dark red curtains that remind me of blood hang around my bed. A four poster bed. That is the only thing I know so far. Lovely. I sit up a bit and open the curtains. The walls are made out of black stone and a black fire place with a roaring fire is in front of me. Next to me- on both sides are small dark wooden tables. On the wall there is a haunting picture of Death himself. I quickly close my curtains and lean back on the warm pillows. I stare at my black and white coverlets and wonder what Death is going to do to me. 

Would I become his slave? His wife? His...lover? I shiver at the though of Death...

I bite my lower lip and wonder how big his grand library is. 

"Every book that has ever been written. As soon as its published- even when its not a copy is made and it goes down here." Said Death. Reading my thoughts and sneaking into my room. He was standing tucked between two sides of the drapes around my bed. He is wearing a black cloak and he pushes it down as I stare at him. 

A beautiful face stares back at me. A face with no age and a face with no worry or...doom. From what I can tell, Death isn't really....gory. He doesn't seem to fixate on his job- taking souls and dumping them somewhere. He stares at me for a bit before saying. "I'll get you a new dress. This ones to small." And to my surprise he pouted. "It was supposed to fit..." He says. Staring at my chest. I feel self-conscious and look down to. to my surprise I'm no wearing my clothes from yesterday, but I tight black, silky nightgown with small amounts of lace on the sleeves. I pull the blanket up higher. 

Death smiles secretively. 

"What?" I ask quietly 

"I think your going to enjoy being down here." He says. "Breakfast is in 10. I'll be waiting outside your door.'' before leaving. Leaving a swaying curtain. As he shut the door the fire blazed up scarily before going back to the large fire it was at first. 


I quickly jump out of my bed, not wanting to know the wrath of Death. As i get up I feel cold for a second before the warmth engulf me. I rush over to a large bureau-where I'd imagine there would be clothes. I was right. Clothes of nearly all the same haunting colors. Black. Deep purple. Red. I shiver and pull out what seems to be the simplest one. With only cold hooks on my back I try to arrange my hair so I look bland down my back. I look in a mirror that I hadnt seemed before. Against my will I look stunning. My black dress seems to make my eyes look sharper and brighter and it makes my brown hair seem to have highlights. 

Death chose well. I slowly walk to the door- barefooted and open it slowly. There he is. Death. Looking sharp-as usual is the feeling I get. 


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