The Day I Die

Whenever I thought of death I always thought of darkness, of nothingness of blackness. of fear. But now I know. And I try to ignore the dark and the nothingness and just try to continue my life. I know that Death, has only allowed me 30 days but I feel him everywhere. shouldnt you have better things to do? I called out into the night. I should feel proud and happy knowing im safe and nothing can hurt me these 30 days. That Death is mine forever.


6. Maybe

"Why me?" Is the first question I asked. 

"Because you owe me. When you were born you were nearly dead. I let you live and for that the payment  was being with me for eternity." He said, his face ageless and worryless as ever. . 


"Maybe we can work that one out." A breath of relief falls from me. Death glares at me. "Maybe." I bite my lip. 

"Has this," I motion with my hands wildly as if to say 'all this. everything. me' "Happened before?"  Death smiles and half smile and lifts and eye brow and shrugs. 

"So Is that a yes or a no?" I ask. Death continues with his half smile. 

"Yes or no?'' I ask more firmly. Death raises an eyebrow. Just to annoy me. And thats when I realize how ridiculous this all is. I'm talking to Death.  A guffaw bursts out of me. His eyebrows lower as I giggle. I am talking to Death! Who would've thought? Me- whom no one knew- was talking to Death! More giggles erupt. 

"Have you been drinking?" He asked cautiously. I knew he knew that the answer was no but the question itself was hilarious. As my laughter started to get more explosive, I suddenly felt nauseous, but I couldn't stop laughing. 

"Sick." I managed to gasp out between fits of laughter before I fell onto my side and began to dry heave. With one eye, from the floor I saw Death stand and slowly back away, a look of utter confusement on his face.  He whistled then turned to the person who came to his whistle, a red shaped thing with horns and his face looked wooden and his features like a Commedia Del Arte mask I had once seen at a fair. The being looked towards me. Where there would've been eyes were two black pits. I blacked out. 


I woke up to voices, my eyes weren't open but I could hear. "Why does she keep doing this?" Asked an annoyed Death. 

"Urm..." Said and old measley, high  voice " According to this book humans black out when Its all too much."

"But why?" Death asked perplexed "If I am to live with a human for my entire life will every single moment be when she is unconcious? She's done it so many times. Why?" He asked. The other voice said 

"Just have to keep trying, sir. 

"Take your leave Archibates." Said Death. From where I slept I could feel the coldness of his skin as he leaned over me. "Come on stupid human. Wake up....Or maybe not stupid but still. Stop being. Sick!" He said. 

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