The Day I Die

Whenever I thought of death I always thought of darkness, of nothingness of blackness. of fear. But now I know. And I try to ignore the dark and the nothingness and just try to continue my life. I know that Death, has only allowed me 30 days but I feel him everywhere. shouldnt you have better things to do? I called out into the night. I should feel proud and happy knowing im safe and nothing can hurt me these 30 days. That Death is mine forever.


3. It Seems ImPossible

I curled into a ball, trying to shield myself from this. I laugh dryly to myself. how funny. i spent all my life preparing for this and i have already cried twice. I peak at Death, over my knees. He is staring at me, his head tilted to the side like a dog when they don't understand a noise. I press my face into my knees and stare at him. He doesn't look that bad besides from being a soul-taking beast. I notice the even-ness of his nose and I realize that he doesn't have any age lines. I suddenly feel my face. Smooth. Earlier on today I had a bruise on my head from whacking into a branch but it was...gone. I suck in my breath as the carriage comes to a halt. Death stands, him being to tall for the carriage and being slumped over and trying to get out make me laugh a bit. 

Even Death wasn't smooth. 

He extends his hand to me. I hesitate. He looks kindly at me. "Do I look like I will bite you?"

"Kind of." I reply, quietly. He cracks a smile.  I slowly reach my hand out to his. His fingers are long and cool and her closes his around mine. I wrap my cloak tighter around my shoulder and take small steps out of the carriage. 

Hell wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.  

The grounds were cobblestone and there were narrow pathways across the middle of deep pits of blackness. of nothingness. 

"I heard that Hell was hot." I suddenly say, shivering. Death still holds my hand and I have the urge to smack him as I would smack any other gentleman who makes advances to me. 

"It is." He says.

"But its not." I reply

"Have you ever read Dante's Inferno?" He asks

"How do you know about that book?" I ask

"I have a large library" and he smiles

"Not yet." I reply slowly. 

"Well, its about Dante and he goes into Hell and sees the circles of Hell. in the 9th circle of Hell its cold. Here,"Death says, dropping my hand quickly and spreading his arms around wildly while turning in circles on the middle- and also thinnest part of the air-pathway. He quickly regained his composture and grabbed my hand again "This-comparing to the book has 3 circles. The Pit of the damned" He lowers his hand with her and points with their hands towards below them. "The cold area and the hot area."

"What are they for." I whisper 

He just smiles mysteriously and looks ahead of him. I do to and I see a black marble, large, dominating, dooming castle at the other end of the pathway. I gape at it- open mouthed and Death just smiles a thin smiles as we walk towards to dominating castle. 

"Welcome home." He says. I faint.

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