The Day I Die

Whenever I thought of death I always thought of darkness, of nothingness of blackness. of fear. But now I know. And I try to ignore the dark and the nothingness and just try to continue my life. I know that Death, has only allowed me 30 days but I feel him everywhere. shouldnt you have better things to do? I called out into the night. I should feel proud and happy knowing im safe and nothing can hurt me these 30 days. That Death is mine forever.


2. Farewell for Not

When I had one day left I didn't want it to end. So I did what every human thinks of doing when things get rough. 

                        i ran.

The night was as dark as my heart. Its crisp air filled my lungs and dried out my heart. The trees threatened to fall as the wind passed me from side to side of the dark, rocky path.  My red cloak whipped my sides and the wind pushed against it pushing me backwards. I pushed against the wind, holding my cloak tightly. Two lights lit up the dark blue night and a carriage bounced down the hill. I shielded my eyes from the bright light and as it rolled to me I leaped to the side of the road to keep myself from splattering. A wheel caught my cloak and I curled into a ball to protect me from the wheels. It rolled over my cloak and got stuck. It continued to roll until it suddenly stopped. I was still in a ball in the freezing road. My cloak was stuck in the wheel and a dark, tall figure stepped out of the carriage. It slowly walked towards me and its cloak barely flapped in the wind. As it neared, I curled tighter into the ball, my sleeved arms wrapped around my legs and my shoulder was freezing off.

  The Figure was wearing a black suit and had messy black hair. He was not wearing a coat or a cloak and the wind seemed to barely effect him. He leaned down to help me and he grabbed my hand gently with hot hands and pulled me up.  "All is not lost." He said, his voice somewhat ragged and deep but yet comforting.  "Says who?" I ask feebly, shaking. "You don't know anything." I turn my back away from him and tuck my head into my chest. His flaming hot hand touches my shoulder and warms me.  "But I do." He says. Then I begin to sob. The cold air seems to freeze my few tears. Suddenly my back is warm as the man comes up behind me and pulls me to him and hugs me. I freeze at this.  this is not normal.   "Who are you?" I ask nervously.   "Did you say farewell?" He asks quietly and I suddenly realize who I'm talking to. My legs begin to run before my minds realizes it. I trip someways away and once more as I get up. He seems to be fast.  "Why are you scared?" he asks suddenly in front of me.  "Because I've only had 17 years."

"But 17 years is 6209 days. 887 weeks. 149019 hours. Nearly two decades?" he says confused. 

"But its not enough. I want more!" I shout at him. 

"Oh you humans," he says laughing, dryly "Always wanting more.  Never wanting less. Its always the same." He extends his arm to me. "Come." I take his arm and he takes me to his black as midnight carriage and sits me on a rust colored cushion across from him. I sit, tears in my eyes, staring at Death himself. he doesn't look that bad. I grasp my hands tightly thinking of my family and my regrets and whether I'll ever know If Juliet is alive. I sit staring at the black windows and i suddenly feel a quick change in temperature. I look at Death for reassurance.  He smiles- his face dimpling a bit. his perfect nose screwing up a bit and his black eyes smiling too. "Welcome to Hell."

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