The unknown

Sam pottroff is the kinda boy that sits
At the back off the classroom and does not say a word thats until claire moved and he seems more eager to partiapate is class but his hiding a secret which when Claire's best friend lily finds out will she tell her...


3. 2

Claire pov

I walked into school on my first day. I open a booklet i needed to find the rooms and etc. welcome to Finnegan High... After a few min of walking and reading i bumped into a girl i apologised and said i was new, the girl replied saying claire no fucking way its me lily from infant school. I gasped omg kt was i said lily i haven't seen u in 2 whole years how u been, we started walking again and she asked dorm i was in (boarding school) i replied 8C lily gasped and screamed your my new roommate.

After me and lily got into our dorm rooms i checked my lesson english first i asked lily she froze and said english then i said okay say your teacher in 3...2...1 we both said miss Johnson (ur welcome chloe) so we both headed to our english class lily sat in her seat and i stood to the front and said. Simmer down class dave,gum,bin,now. Okay class today we have a new kid called erm... She went to her computer and said claire, then sam looked up for once and started staring at Claire, the teacher sat her in front of sam and then sam was not being shy how strange ?

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