Why?//Luke hemmings//

Will luke sacrifice for love?


2. Welcome to HELL.

    I finally arrived to school on time. I know being a senor sucks because I still had to come to school on time for gradation rehearsals and the best part is I left school early. Oh well.

    I went to my homeroom, I sat all the way in the back alone. Since my so called ‘’ friends’’ are totals thots. One of them had sex with my bf because she drugged him, I forgive him since he didn’t know what he was doing. The other one used me for money and made rumors that I slept with all the football players. Ugh I mean I know I’m full of hot stuff but I’m not a whore. Everyone at school believed them but I didn’t mind that much since school was almost over, I wasn’t going to see these jerks again. But they would always bully me, so I really didn’t have friends. Besides Luke and his band members. Those were the only people I needed in my life because they were family.

     As I sat down one football player grabbed my ass. I tryed to slap him but one of his friends slapped me across the face.

‘’ awe little whore wants to be tuff’’

‘’hahaha, btw next time you and I can go for nice ride’’

    As soon as they went back to their seats because the teacher came in, I went to the bathroom. I didn’t want to cry, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I ask myself why do they hate me so much? The answer was always jealousy. There wasn’t really anything to be jealous of.

    I called Luke I had to hear his voice. Luke is one year older so he was already in collage, but he dropped out because he had a band called 5 seconds of summer. I texted luke.

Me: hay babe can we ft cause I’m feeling down.

Luke: what those jerks do to you? And I call you.


‘’ hey baby’’

‘’I swear I will kill those asswholes’’

‘’its okay I’m leaving this school in like 3 days’’

‘’ why is your face red’’

I couldn’t tell Luke or else he would really kill them.

‘’ um um nothing it’s the lighting’’

‘’ are you sure’’

‘’ya its fine, I have to go back to class’’

‘’ok bye baby I will pick you up after school’’

‘’ok bye’’

   I looked at my face in the mirror it was really red. I tried to put cold water on it but it made it worse. I put on some makeup to cover it.

I walked back to class, I sat down in the back. Waiting for all the seniors to be called to the auditorium for rehearsals.

   As we walked to the auditorium one football player pulled me into a closet. He locked it, he put his hands on my waist and started to put his lips near mine. I tried to get away I started to yell, but of course none would pay attention to me. He had me tight I couldn’t get away he pressed his lips on mine. I bit his lip hard, it started to bleed.

‘’ you little bitch’’

‘’ that’s what you get you jerk’’

I quickly unlocked the door and ran away.

‘’ I will get revenge’’ he yelled

I just wanted to go home and run away from this mess.

I had no choice to stay. Stupid rehearsals. Ugh.

   The principle started to call out everyone’s name to line up in order. When he called my name.  Oh yea forgot to mention my name. My name is Dusty Rose. What a name?


I can hear the things people said behind their breath. They would always make fun of my name.

‘’ ya her pussy dusty’’

‘’can someone dust her cause she’s dirty’’

I just ignored them. I mean my name was rare and not common.

I walked up stage and they handed me my gown which was rental. Cheap ass school.

The fourth bell rang it was time to go home.

    I grabbed my things and walked to the bathroom to retouch my face since know there was a small bruise. I had to hide it from Luke.

Luke: hay babe I’m waiting in the parking lot.

Me: I’ll be out in a few.

I walked to his car he hugged me tight and kissed my forehead. Ugh and ofcourse those snobs had to comment all the time.

‘’ awe she has a keeper’’

‘’ is that her next victum’’

   I really couldn’t take it I got inside Luke’s car. I just wanted to go home. I know luke wanted to say something but he knows I didn’t like it when he gets involved.

‘’ why can I not stick up for my gf’’

‘’cause NO Luke I just want to go home and be alone’’ I was piss.

‘’ I thought we were going to hangout’’

‘’ LUKE I JUST WANT TO GO HOME OK’’ I said angrily.


 We drove off. As soon as he got in front of my house, I just wanted to leave. But he locked the doors.


‘’No, why can’t I stick up for you’’


‘’fine.’’ He unlocked the doors. He pulled my face towards him so he can kiss me.


‘’sorry, why is your face hurting?’’ he asks subspecialty.

‘’ NOTHING OK IM FINE’’ I got out of the car and walked to me door.

Luke stepped out of the car. ‘’Was it those jerks right’’

‘’ Luke get of my back ok’’

‘’ that’s it I’m going to give them a piece of their own medicine’’ he got back in his car.

‘’LUKE STOP DON’T’’ he already left.




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