Why?//Luke hemmings//

Will luke sacrifice for love?


1. Ugh School????

I was sound asleep until this annoying sound kept ringing it was really annoying. I opened my eyes it was my alarm from my phone I tried to stop it but it kept ringing. Finally, I stopped it but I looked at the time it was 7:40. I also saw the cute text messages my baby always sends me. It was Luke we’ve been dating for about an year.


Luke: Moring beautiful hoped you slept well, you know cause of last night ;)

Me : awe and yes I did. I have to get ready for school, see ya later. Luv you.


           I start school at 9:00 being a girl and all that I need to get ready. I fell of my bed and ran to the bathroom connected to my room to take a shower. It was those days where I had to wash my hair and body. I quickly toke a shower. I wrapped my dry towel around my hair, to start with my makeup. I was wearing my bra and panties since I didn’t know what to wear.

           I put on mascara and eyeliner and my pink tinted lipstick. I didn’t really put on that much makeup to school compared to the other girls that go to my school. As soon as I finished doing my makeup I toke out my towel from my hair and started to blow dry. My hair is naturally straight so there was no need to comb it. Forgot to mention my hair purple and blue, I was tired of my usual blond weave jk. As soon it was dry I did a fishtail braid and added a small flower crown.

         I ran to my room to pick out what I was going to wear since it was summer in Australia. I wore my cream colored crop top and my light blue jean shorts along with these brown sandals. I sprayed my juicy couture viva la juicy perfume. I grabbed my phone and my purse. Since I was senior and finals were over I didn’t really need my books.

         I went downstairs to my kitchen to make myself breakfast I checked the time it was 8:30. I just had a bowl of cereal the usual. I went to my bathroom to brush my teeth. I ran outside the door and walked to school since I didn’t live far from school, so I really didn’t need my car.

         Another thing I forgot to mention is I live all alone since my dad left me and my mom. My mom travels around the world and she's always busy. I didn't want to travel with her so she let me stay, I didn't want to go because of Luke. He's my everything. 

                                                                                 --walking to school—

                                                                                 Someone shoot me.






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