Why?//Luke hemmings//

Will luke sacrifice for love?


3. Fighting!?

  I walked inside I started to cry I went upstairs to my room and just changed into my pj’s. I was scared they might hurt Luke. I know Luke was tuff and all but there are 5 over 1. I looked at my face it was getting worse, I got some ice and put it on my face. I fell asleep on my bed, just passing time.

  I woke up from my nap in the arms of Luke. I woke up right away to see how was Luke doing. He just hugged me.

‘’ its okay baby they will never hurt you again’’

‘’ wtf Luke I tolled you stay away from my business’’ I pushed off his arms.

‘’its my business too, im not letting no jerks treat you like this’’ he starts too tear a little.

I started to tear know, ‘’ Luke I’m scared they will hurt you’’

He wiped the tears running down my face.

‘’ I will risk anything for you, you’re my everything.’’

He hugged me tight and kissed me. He carried me downstairs cause he made me dinner.

‘’ awe thanks but you didn’t have to do this’’

‘’ I do you’re my baby I will always be there for you’’ he kissed me.

We finished eating dinner. It was late he had to go back home.

‘’ awe you have to leave, I was having fun’’

‘’sorry you know I have to get back home, why cant you move in with me’’

‘’ Luke I wish but you know me and Clara don’t get along and my mom will get pissed if I move out’’

Clara is his best girl friend since they were little, she was in his band. She always had feelings for him but he always thought her as a sister.

‘’ well goodnight babe, sweet dreams’’ he carried me to my bed. He kissed my forehead.

‘’wait your forgetting something’’ I said.

‘’what’’   ‘’this’’ I kissed him passionilly, as well as he kissed me back.

‘’babe stop your getting me hot’’ Luke cut off the kiss  ‘’ goodnight’’ I went back to bed as he left.

Sorry short chapter but ya there wasnt anything to write here LOL.

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