I go on a tour bus and ended with almost having a baby, almost dyeing, almost getting shot, almost getting married, and almost losing the one I love.
I'm lucky for ALMOST and not


2. the flight

when I was all packed up I thought I should go on a walk so I grabbed my phone and walked out side I started to go. I live in a quiet neighbor hood. I started to hear foot steps and so I got faster and then the foot steps got faster then I fell down. "OMG Ella are you ok." "who are you?!?!?!?!" "its liv" "oh I thought you were a kidnaper or something" "well I'm not, you should get going your flight leaves soon" "oh ya I forgot" I walk home with me heart racing like a jet. I'm glad it was liv because who wants to die before they meet 5sos I know I don't.


"shit" I mutter under my breath I dropped all my stuff, and if I don't hurry I will miss my flight.

as I go through the metal detector I see someone familiar, "oh god" "is there something wrong ma'am" "no"

"oh my god Ellabell is that you!" "Zayn is that you, I told you to never come by me! you need to get away!" "well here are you going?" "if you new I would have more scars" "oh shut up I wont hurt you" "no ill hurt myself" then I run away with tears streaming down my face. i get on the plane and turn my music on shuffle.

I must have fallen asleep because this really nice lady sitting next to me woke me up before the plane landed. I got off the plane and started to cry because I could see 5sos holding signs, for ME.  "hi you must be Ella" ash said "ya I am" "luke has been drooling over your picture since we got it, that as a WEEK ago" I could see luke blushing "oh lukey are you blushing over the pretty girl" "no your just really pissing me off, come on lets go." We walk out to the car and I sit next to luke on my right and ash on my left.

"oh my god" I come into a really clean bus. "what is it clean" cal says " ya why else would I be saying that. "lets play 20 questions!" luke pretty much yells in my ear.

"color" cal asks "um all shades of blue" "do you sing or play guitar" Michael asks "well I play the guitar I sing and the drums" "ummmm what is your favorite shoe brand" "ummm I really like vans" then it was Luke's turn " will you go on a date with me" "ummmmmmm"

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