I go on a tour bus and ended with almost having a baby, almost dyeing, almost getting shot, almost getting married, and almost losing the one I love.
I'm lucky for ALMOST and not


1. the e-mail

I lay on my bed thinking about Luke CalPal ash and Mikey then I remember that I entered a contest to go on tour with 5sos for 5months and be like apart of the band except for singing at concerts so I go on my email and check I see 2 of them the first one I start to fangirl but its just to stupid Delia*s  and then the second one I start to scream but... its just to my dentist to say I need to get my braces off "shit" I mutter under my breath. I shut my laptop pretty hard and go take a shower I turn on the shower, undress, and then hop in. when im out I brush out my long blonde, pink, and blue hair and when I say long I mean at my butt long I mean when its in a pony tail it is at mid back 


so this is my hair I start to put on my make-up I don't cake it on I just do blush mascara and some eyeliner  so when im all done this is what I look like                              (forget the short hair)


when I get done with all that jazz I get my clothes on and go and watch youtube but befor I go on that I forgot to logout of my e-mail and see that there is one there so I click on it with out hesitation and see


congratulations, you are going to meet 5sos...    (video)

 hi Ella we cant wait to see you" Luke says "and Luke the most he's been drooling over your picture" cal shouts "and we will pic you up from the airport tomorrow you flight leaves at 3:00am"Michael says "we hope to see you soon" ash finishes as I write it all down. So after that I google how long that would take and it said from LA to Australia is 14 hours so I will get there at 5:00pm I think but all and all im sleeping with 5SoS


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