I go on a tour bus and ended with almost having a baby, almost dyeing, almost getting shot, almost getting married, and almost losing the one I love.
I'm lucky for ALMOST and not


3. the answer

ummmmmmm, well, I that um, SKIP!" "Ella has a little giant huge-antic crush on HUKE LEMMINGS. come on step right up step right up." "oh my god shut up ash that's not even true!" "ash we all know you have a crush an Ella" "and who is saying that lover boy" "Luke can you come with me" "yes why sure miss Ella" we go to my bunk and sit there for a minute "I will go on a date with you" "OMG OMG OMG OMG" He yells like a little school girl



sorry for the short chapter a lot tomorrow maybe a chapter a day? sorry its inch by inch


I herd little snicker coming from outside the bunk "and Lukey boy just got a date" Cal said "oh just shut up Cal" Luke shouts and then we have a big long kiss when Cal opens the curtain and drops his phone in shock. 

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