Attempts At Descriptive Writing...

This is going to be a collection of short descriptive pieces based on books that I've read. I'll attempt to mimic the author's writing style in my clumsy fashion and hopefully learn something in the process. I'm teaching myself to write here; any constructive criticism would be wonderful. I'll probably write little critical notes on each piece because I reckon it helps me.


2. 'Zombie', inspired by 'Less Than Zero' by Brett Easton-Ellis.

I didn't want to be there. They were all high on cocaine or whatever and there was some rap shit on the sound system and I didn't want to be there. But Henderson had asked me to come and I couldn't have said no. I'm not sure why, but saying no to a party invite was unfathomable in LA; it just wasn't done.

I suppose it's because we're addicted. Addicted to feeling connected, addicted to the parties, addicted to the drugs.... Whatever. We all have our vices. We all have our reasons for attending these shithole parties and the majority don't make sense.

Take Alison for example: her parents are rich - fucking loaded - her mom's a famous model and her dad's some kind of lawyer. They bought her a Porsche a few months ago, and she crashed it last Wednesday. She got another one that Saturday; they weren't even mad at her. They didn't even notice. I think she drinks for attention, because she wants them to notice her, tell her to stop, look after her. Act like parents.

Doesn't make a difference.

There are others like her, but I'm not acquainted with them and I really don't want to be. They're a pile a shit on top of the dump that is the world and I'm worried that if I get too close I'll get sucked in. Once you're in, you're never out again; it's the heroin usually. They like it around here. I don't know why. Nulls the pain, I guess. I'd try it but...

I'm too young to be a zombie.


I should have left last night. I should have left before all the wrong drugs got snorted by all the wrong people. I should have left before the last of the drinks were drunk and before the last of the glasses were cracked across the last of the heads.

I'd say never again, but Henderson asked me to go with him again next Monday. And you can't say no to a party invite in LA.



This is based on 'Less Than Zero' by Brett Easton Ellis. The book itself is rather over-the-top and designed to shock more than anything else. However, I did like the portrayal of a bratty, rich, hedonistic American youth. As a young British female who has only ever read about drugs, I think I did pretty well at capturing the apathy of a 17 year-old American male. But then again, it's flawed. They rhythm is off at times which is what comes of trying to pull a Jack Kerouac with no practice. Translating the thoughts in your head onto a computer can often be a challenge, and it doesn't always work out.

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