best friends forever I thought

Luke and I have been best friends forever. He went on tour with his band and I though he would forget about me. But....


8. chapter 8


Elizabeth's POV 

Well I talked to the boys and they agreed to go to California for a little vacation. Luke and I went to pack our stuff and I fell asleep during it. It was like 10:30 at night. I fell asleep in my skinny jeans and sweatshirt. Luke can in to check on me and he took off my jeans and sweatshirt and put my PJs on for me. He started walking out the door. I didn't want him to leave so I asked him " baby?" 

"Yeah love."

"Can you stay with me?" 

"Sure love. Anything for you." 

I woke up wrapped in Luke's strong arms. I got out of bed. I went downstairs and made breakfast. I went to the bathroom
 and I didn't know Luke came downstairs when I was in the bathroom. After I came out he came up to me and we ate breakfast.

Luke's POV 

While Elizabeth was in the bathroom I stuck an engagement ring in the waffle mix and made the waffle with the ring in it. She came out we ate. She went to take an bite and she heard her fork hit the ring. She looked at me confused. She took the ring out and her jaw dropped. I took the ring from her and got down on one knee and asked her " Elizabeth Marie Sanchez will you marry me?" She waited a minute and screamed " YES Luke I will marry you!!" My life is almost complete.



Hey guys sorry for the short chapter. It seems like forever since I last updated

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