best friends forever I thought

Luke and I have been best friends forever. He went on tour with his band and I though he would forget about me. But....


7. chapter 7

AA\N sorry for not updating for so long



Elizabeth's POV 

I went home about 3:30 last night. It was like 5:45 in the the morning and I really had to pee. I walked down stairs in my sports bra and black short shorts. I did my business and went to the kitchen to get breakfast. I was looking for a bowl and Luke somehow got in my house and came up behind me and put his chin in the crook of my neck. " Hey love you look sexy this morning." He said in his deep morning sexy voice." Good morning to you to. Where are the boys because I have a little road trip planned.?" I replied. He just shrugged his shoulders. We walked in the living room and decided to share my eggs with Luke. After we were done eating we had a movie marathon. I decided too take a break and look at twitter. I saw a bunch of hate. @Elizabeth893 your ugly fat and a slut. And it went from there. I got up and said I had to pee but Luke must've saw me rubbing my wrists. I do that every time I go to cut. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door and left my bedroom door open. I searched for my razor blade and I finally found it. I started little and grew larger and larger. Luke was banging on the door and I said I'll be right out and then
 everything went black. Luke managed to open the door. I woke in and unfamiliar room and bed. I opened my eyes and moved and Luke immediately got up and saw that my eyes are open and he went to get the doctor.

Luke's POV 

I went to get the doctor and I told him that she was awake. I can't believe I didn't stop her right away. I was so pissed off at my self. But when I  walked in and Elizabeth was crying. "Babe what's wrong?" I asked "nothing " she replied. "There is something wrong love what is it?" I replied. Elizabeth said nothing and shook her head. I knew something was wrong but why wouldn't she tell me. The doctor told her that we can go home when we are ready so we left right away. In the car it was completely quiet. " Elizabeth what's wrong. I love you and I'm trying to help but if you don't tell me I can't help" I said breaking the silence. She looked at me and started to bawl her eyes out. I pulled the car over and she explained. I felt so bad. I needed to stop my so-called fans sending her hate. If they don't stop i will just quit the band. But I have a feeling that they will stop. 

Elizabeth's POV 

Well I have a little vacation planned for me and the boys. I'm planning to go to Cali for a week or two

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