best friends forever I thought

Luke and I have been best friends forever. He went on tour with his band and I though he would forget about me. But....


5. chapter 5

Luke's POV 

I was walking down the ladder from the tree house. Elizabeth followed me and she followed me to my bedroom. I slammed the door in her face by accident and she screamed " OOWW that hit my nose!!" I opened the door to her standing the holding her nose. "I'm so sorry Elizabeth so sorry!" I replied to her. She walked in and I went down stairs to get ice. When iu came back and popped a question "Elizabeth I know we just met like a month ago but I was wondering if u would be my girlfriend?" "YES!!" I kissed her. Elizabeth checked her phone because it rang. Elizabeth got up and ran out of the room crying she ran to the bathroom downstairs and locked it. She started cutting herself. I grabbed the key to all the rooms in the house and I unlocked the bathroom door and there was a puddle of blood and Elizabeth lying there unconscious. I call Ashton and Calum in the bathroom and I pickmed her up bridal-style and took her to my room. I grabbed a washcloth and cleaned her up and I laid in bed with her until she woke up like an hour later and I was fast asleep. I was waiting until I fell asleep.

Elizabeth's POV 

I woke up and Luke was sleeping so I cuddled in his chest and fell asleep in his arms. I love his messy hair. I woke up again and tried to go to the bathroom but Luke pulled me back into him saying " oh no you dont ." " oh yes I do I have to pee Luke let me go before I pee on you!" I replied. Then he let me go. I went pee and here I came out of the bathroom and Luke fell asleep again. I went over to him and opened the blankets and cuddled in his chest again

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