best friends forever I thought

Luke and I have been best friends forever. He went on tour with his band and I though he would forget about me. But....


4. chapter 4

Elizabeth's POV 

Luke walked out of the bathroom and I walked out too and he had more whipped cream. I saw him with the whipped cream and ran to the bathroom and locked it behind me. He busted it out and I screamed when he did because I was hiding in the tub. Once he heard me he sprayed me again so I had to get another shower.

Luke's pov

Again I sprayed her. She walked out of the shower again with her towel wrapped around her and her hair wrapped in a towel and she said " I swear to god Luke if u spray me again I will kill you!!" " if u can catch me haha" I replied running out of the room. Before she started chasing me she got changed which gave me a bunch of time to go hide. I hid in the treehouse in the backyard. Ashton and the boys followed me and I think it gave me away because she snuck up the back ladder and screamed in my ear

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