best friends forever I thought

Luke and I have been best friends forever. He went on tour with his band and I though he would forget about me. But....


3. chapter 3

Luke's POV 

We got there and 1d was there so it was a hell of a night. I told Elizabeth that they were here and we went and sat down. We sat as far away from them as we can. Niall noticed us and came over to say hi. Luke just texted Harry and said " hey can u have niall leave us alone." Harry looked at us and nodded at us. He came over and said to niall " hey dude we need to go like now."niall said " okay okay." Elizabeth and I finished our dinner and then we went home. After that night I asked my mom if I can stay with live with Luke for a little bit and she surprisingly said yes. I went upstairs and grabbed my clothes like my whole wardrobe. I went back to Luke's house. We went upstairs and laid in bed and watched movies and cuddled. We laid in bed until 12:30 and then we went down stairs and had a midnight snack. 

After our snack I grabbed the whipped cream with her noticing and when we got upstairs she went in the bathroom and I hid by the bathroom door when it opened it came out so I hid were it would open and when it did I jumped out and sprayed her with the whipped cream. She had it all over her face and she got revenge. In the middle of the night she hopped out of bed and grabbed the whipped cream off the dresser and she sprayed my face. I woke up in the morning with whipped cream on my face. I walked up to her in the kitchen while she was making breakfast and I kissed her and got the whipped cream all over her. She and I had to get a shower to get it out of our hair.

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