best friends forever I thought

Luke and I have been best friends forever. He went on tour with his band and I though he would forget about me. But....


1. chapter 1

Elizabeth's POV 

Luke and I have been best friends since we could remember. My parents got divorced when I was 4 years old and my mom stayed in Australia and my dad moved to Ontario Canada. I stay with my mom for 4 years then with my dad for 4 years. When Luke started his band with his friends they called themselves 5 seconds of summer. His friends are Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin. Luke said he will never leave me until one day. Luke got a call from one directions manager and he said that one direction wanted them to open for them on tour. They said yes. Luke forgot about me and our friendship. Three years later I returned from my dad's house in Ontario. Luke lived right next door to me and my mom came to get me the a airport. When we pulled up in the drive way Luke and his so-called friends were outside hanging out in his front yard. Luke took one look and turned his head immediately. I overheard one of his friends said " whoa whose that hot chick.” I looked over and he shut up right away. So let me tell u about myself. I am 17 years old and I have crystal blue eyes and I have long brunette hair." Hey I'm Luke and ur name is" he said running over to me. " uh my name is Elizabeth. Don't u remember Luke we were best friends." I said walking into my house as he followed. My mom said " hi Luke what's up hun?" " nothing much Kathy u?'' They continued with their conversation and I went to my room and unpacked my stuff. Luke came up a few moments later and spun me around and kissed me. " Now I remember u Elizabeth

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