Mady is just a normal girl with a normal life until 5sos show up at her house ..then thats when she meets the love of her life..but who will it be ..Luke or...Calum #luke #calum #cake #mady


1. who is 5SOS ?

Chapter 1

Mady POV

I was listening to music on my phone when I heard loud screams coming from outside. I ran over to the window to see what's going on . I saw a lot of girls with posters of 5SOS outside my house. "Where did they go !?", I heard a girl shout . I ran outside,

Whats going on here ? .

"5 Seconds Of Summer are here!", A girl replied.

What's 5 Seconds Of Summer?

OMFG you got to be fucking kidding me, you don't know who 5sos are, they are like the biggest and hottest band ever !


I went back inside the house , my parents were out of town for a few days so I had the house all to my self on Halloween ! I went back to my room and.... I saw four boys trying to hide under my bed !

Um.. Who are you and what are you doing in my house ?

Hi ,we're sorry to just barge in your house like this .. But those fans out there are crazy!, said the tall blonde guy

Wait you guys are 5SOS ?

That would be us. Said another blonde guy,I am surprised you don't know us. I'm Ashton by the way.

"I'm Luke," Said the tall blonde boy , "and that's Calum and Michael" , he said pointing at the other two.

I'm Madonna but you can call me Mady

Hi Mady , Said Michael.

Hi ... Michael .. Right?

Ya, so can we like stay here until the fans go Away ? He said

And how long will that take ?

About an hour or two , said Luke


Calum: are they gone ?

Mady : nope there's still about... FIFTY MORE left!

Luke: look Mady we're really sorry about this..after the remaining leave ..we'll leave. I promise

Mady: I don't get why you guys are so popular!

Michael: ouch

Ashton :that hurt!

Luke: to be honest .. I really don't know either.

Calum: we're just idiots

Michael: come on calum , we're not that bad!

Calum: so mady do you live by yourself here?

Mady : nah my parents are out of town ...for a few days .

Luke: ohh spooky ..all by yourself on Halloween night !

Mady : actually it's not ni..

I was so distracted , I didn't even notice it was night!

Mady :actually ...I'm not by myself I have you guys !

Ashton: *laughs* and the fans outside.

Calum: *stares out the window* WTF!

Mady,Luke,Michael & Ashton: what ?

Calum: they're camping out !

Mady : great

Michael: do you think they know where we are?

Calum : obviously

Mady : why don't you guys go out to them?.. I mean they are YOUR fans.

Calum: im not sure thats a good idea..before we went inside your house , some girls outside were stripping and than started chasing us to get us naked!

Mady: ...em..Awk-ward

Michael: I'm hungry got anything to eat?

Mady: I'll go and cook something

Luke: I'll help

Ash,cal,mikey: ooohh

Luke: knock it off guys

I walked down downstairs with luke behind me . Than i was so stupid to slip and nearly fall ,when luke caught me and i fell in His arms . We stared at each other for a while ..then

LUKE: are you ok?

Mady : I'm fine

Or was I ..I think I was starting to like him

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