Mady is just a normal girl with a normal life until 5sos show up at her house ..then thats when she meets the love of her life..but who will it be ..Luke or...Calum #luke #calum #cake #mady


4. Lexi


Luke POV

I was awoken by the sunlight that was shining in my eyes

I opened my eyes and saw that we had all fallen asleep on the couch.My whole body ached with pain. Im never gonna sleep on a couch ever again !

Then the door bell rang

I'll get it , I shouted waking everyone up

I answered the door . And standing there was a girl with redish-brownish hair and green eyes . She was pretty I must say !

Girl : Oh my God! Luke! Wtf are you doing at Mady's house ?

Luke : and you are..?

Girl : oh sorry , my name is..

Mady : LEXI !!! Omg I missed you !

Lexi : hi Mady I missed you more babe ..

She looks at me

Lexi : and you've got a lot of explaining to to ! Are you dating LUKE HEMMINGS ? And didn't even tell me

Mady : no I'm not Lexi .. Come in there's more surprises waiting for you

Lexi walks and and sees the other boys

Lexi: what the actual fuck is going on here . Can someone explain to me why I'm standing in the same room as 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER !!

Mady : Lexi calm down , they were only here until the fans outside left . They are leaving today anyway

Omg i totally forgot we were to leave today !

Ash: Mady who is she ?

Mady : guys this is my best friend Lexi

All: hi Lexi

Lexi : omfg hii . I love u guys so much . You guys are awesome

Michael : thank you

Mady : Lexi how come you never told me about 5 seconds of Summer before ?

Lexi : well you never listen when I talk to you about boys so I didn't bother

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