Mady is just a normal girl with a normal life until 5sos show up at her house ..then thats when she meets the love of her life..but who will it be ..Luke or...Calum #luke #calum #cake #mady


2. Chapter 2

Chapter two

Ashton : the food was delicious guys

Michael after eating three plates of what we cooked: ya i totally I agree

Mady : *laughs*

I got up to clean up

Luke: I'll...

He was interrupted by calum

Calum: I'll help

Mady : ok , you can sweep the floor calum

Calum : ok where's the brush ?

Mady : it's in the garden behind the door

Calum walkes out the door and into the garden when ....

Luke,Ashton&Michael : Boo!

Calum: *screams* you assh.....I didn't even get scared

Michael: calum you should have seen your face man haha

Mady: *walks outside* Calum what's going on ?.. Are you okay ?...Did you Find it?

Ashton : hes fine

Calum : found it

The boys all stare at Calum helping me clean up

Michael : do u think he likes her ?

Ashton : ya ...I think so you think she likes him back?

luke: *whispers to himself* i hope she doesn't !

Luke POV

She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen . Shes got this smile than can just light up the room .i need to tell her how I feel but I don't know how . What if she does like calum *looks at mady and calum chatting and laughing* they seem to be getting along ...I mean just look at h...

*michael interrupts*

Michael : hey what are you thinking ?

Luke: oh nothing just stuff

Ashton: mady stuff?

Luke : what ? No...I..

Ashton : oh come on luke , I've seen you staring at her for the last 20 mins you haven't taken your eyes off her

Luke: I wasn't staring at her ..I was staring at...calum

Michael : what you're gay now ?

Luke: what just because I stare at someone makes me gay seriously Michael

Ashton : luke I think you should tell her before it's too late.

Mady and calum walks over

Mady : It's late I think you guys should stay here for the night

Ashton : ok thanks.... Mady I think luke has something to tell you

Mady : what is it luke ?

Luke: I ... I ehm ...I need to .. Use the bathroom

The other boys were trying not laugh

Mady : sure it's upstairs on the left

Michael : I don't think thats what he wanted to tell you !

*few minutes later Luke comes back down*

Calum : so did you find it ?

Luke : find what ?

Calum : the bathroom duh !

Luke : the bathroom ?... Oh ya ...ya I did

Luke : where's Mady ?

Ashton : she's in the next room with Michael

*Luke goes In the next room*

Luke : Mady can I talk to you ?

Mady : sure

*he looks at Michael*

Luke: private !

Michael : I was just leaving anyway

Michael leaves the room

Mady : what is it ?

Luke : i ..em .. I really you

Mady : .....

Luke : .....

Luke : so I was thinking if you would like to go out on a date with me ?

Mady : Luke I'm so sorry I like you I really do but I agreed to go on a date with Calum already

Luke : Calum asked you out ?

Mady : ya ..

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