Mady is just a normal girl with a normal life until 5sos show up at her house ..then thats when she meets the love of her life..but who will it be ..Luke or...Calum #luke #calum #cake #mady


3. Calum

*flash back*

Calum: ..and then ashton was like, "you ate your babies, tadpoles are baby turtles."

Mady : omg .. You're funny

Calum: and your beautiful !

Mady : *blushes* thank you

Calum : so do you like wanna go watch a movie together sometime ?

Mady : are you asking me out on a date ?

Calum : yes ... Do you wanna go out with me ?

Mady : oh ..calum ..I don't know I mean hardly know you

Calum : then you can get to know me better ..what do you say ?

Mady : ..Alright . When?

Calum : I dunno maybe tomorrow


Luke :..... oh ..ok then

He leaves the room awkwardly.

Michael: so what did you tell her ?

Luke : i Asked her out

Calum : what ?

Ashton : and what did she say ?

Luke : she Said that shes already Asked out by Calum

They all look at Calum

Calum ; what she's pretty ?

Mady walks in the room

Mady : hey guys you wanna watch a horror movie or something ?

All: ya sure

Michael : so what are we watching ?

Mady : how about "The Ring"

Michael : ok


I Walked over to the DVD player and put on the movie

Calum walks over to me and says..

Calum : i wanna sit Next to you babe

Holy shit did he just call me "Babe" ?

Mady : sure calum

I sit down on the couch next to calum with the rest of the boys

Luke was sitting at the other side of me

*during the movie*

Ashton : damn..Samara is ugly as fuck

Michael : What the actual fuck ashton she's actually HOT

We all burst out laughing

Calum took my hand and his and intertwined them

I look at him and he looks at me and smiles back


Holy shit they're holding hands!

Why do I feel like I've just been hit by a truck ? !

I can't take this I need to leave this room

Luke : I gonna go order some pizza

Calum : yesss thank u !

I leave the room and walk over to the telephone

Then I was saw ashton walking over to me

Ash: luke what's wrong ?

Luke : nothing bro just ordering some pizza

Ash : don't give that bullshit ! Tell me what's the matter

Luke : it's Mady ..i really like her ..a lot but I can't have her

Ash : dude , just tell calum that u really like her . I'm sure calum isn't that into her as you are !

Luke : oh really did you see the way he was looking at her and holding her hands ! ?

Ashton : luke just tell him

I look at him and sigh

Luke : whateva

I turn back to the telephone and call Pizza Hut

Luke : hi ...I would like to order......

After I finished with the phone I walk back In the room

Calum : did you asked for a pineapple pizza ?

Luke : no actually a pepperoni pizza with cheese and nothing else

Calum : fuck no mushrooms or sweet corn ?

Luke : none sorry

Calum : it's okay

I paid no attention to movie at all I was thinking about what ash told me .

I looked at Mady she was asleep on Calum's shoulder

She looked so beautiful even when she was sleeping


The door rings

It must the the delivery guy

I answered the door

It was .

Luke : finally !

Delivery guy : that'll be €5.99

Luke : here keep the change

Luke: guys pizza Is here

I shouted as I walked back inside

I must have shouted really loud because Mady woke up

Luke : everyone dig in !

After half an hour there was only one slice left

We all stared at each other and jumped to grab the last slice

Unfortunately It wasn't me

It was ash

Ash : ha I'm so damn lucky !

Calum : ah fuck you man


I know I know this was a very long chapter .. I'm sorry :P

The Next chapter is probably gonna be shorter !

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