Sekai No Naka Ni Tojikome

Three best friends get pulled into some freaky world and then told they are the saviors of the universe. Confused but determined they begin their journey with what seems to be their male counterparts.


1. We get thrown into another world

      Alight, it's the second day of school, and I'm already tired as hell, but I had this weird dream, and I can't wait to tell Rayne and Clair about it! Well anyway, in the dream, I was in a whole other world, and I was on some journey with two other people! It was really cool, but it was kinda vivid, so I don't remember much.
     "Hey guys, you won't believe what kind of dream last night! It was all like...." We all said in sync. We broke out in laughter. "Okay, that was extremely funny, but back on the subject, you start off, Clair." Rayne said. "K, well anyway, last night, I had a dream, it was like I was in a completely different world. It was so cool. There were two other people there too! I'm prettier sure it was you and Summer, Rayne." Said Clair. Well at least I know who was in the dream now. My face went pale. I had the exact same dream.... "YOU HAD THAT DREAM TOO?!" I & Rayne shouted. "Okay, this can’t be a coincidence if all three of us had the dream." I said.
     Well anyway, we kept going on and on, trying to see if we can piece together missing parts of each other’s dreams until eventually it made up a story, but you'll find out later exactly what that is, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We kept having the same dream every night, until eventually, the next dream we had, was all of us in a black room. And our minds were connected. We don't know how... We just... Knew.
     "Okay, this is even creepier! Why the hell are our minds connected?!" I exclaimed. "I don't know, but we should try to wake up, sneak out, and meet each other somewhere in the real world. We'll go on our dirt bikes, ok?" Said Rayne. "Good idea, but where?" I asked. "We should meet somewhere desolate, you know, where no gangs or something are hanging around." Rayne said." I know, but where is said 'place'?" I asked. "Let's meet at the corner of your road, Summer. You know, where that big drop-off is. There was always something weird about that place." Clair proclaimed.
     Alright.... Not trying to rush or anything, but I'm just trying to get to the real interesting stuff.
     I was there first, because it was right up the street from where I live. I was a little creeped out, not to mention nervous because I snuck out of my own house at 3 in the morning. Damn I hope my mom doesn't notice. It was a bit cold out, and the fact that all I was wearing were shorts and a tank top didn't help.
     I was awoken from by dreams by the sound of two dirt bikes. Finally they're here. "Hey" I said to Rayne and Clair. "Dear lord, help us poor girls who are hanging out with their psyscho friend at 3 a.m., amen." Said Rayne. Clare laughed. "Oh shut up, At least if something tries to kill us I can kick its ass." I said. "Well anyway, follow me; I can lead the way to wherever we're going. I think we should go to a pond I know of. It's been there as long as I can remember, and it's really small too, only like, an 11 foot diameter. But anyway, the moon will be over it now, so we should hurry, because well... What I didn't say was a couple weeks ago, is that I had some dream saying 'Go to the pond on the day of the dream, and then you will know your purpose.' And well, this seems fitting enough, so, why the hell not? So follow me." I said. I was actually getting a bit exited, I mean, this might be my one and only chance to be a badass. "Yep, she's defiantly loosing it." Clair said to Rayne. "Well at least we have some sort of lead!" I said to her, getting a bit ticked off.
     We walked and walked, almost a mile, and it was almost 4 in the morning now, but none of us were tired, we were too excited to be. "Alright, we're here." I said, pointing to a pond about twenty feet ahead. We raced to it. It was so still, and beautiful. The surface of it looked like a perfectly carved piece of mother of pearl, and under the moonlight, it shimmered like a thousand diamonds. "Beautiful." All of us whispered at once.
     We spent almost an hour talking about how pretty it was, and by then, the moon was almost directly over it. "I see, so you did come.” said a voice. All of the sudden the three of us where pulled into the pond. All I could see was every color you could imagine flying past my face. And then, we landed. "You three are here to save the 15 dimensions of the universe. 1 of which is the one you were just in. You are now in Yoake, the dimension of daylight, one of the 13 dimensions you must travel through to fight Hiryu, the one who is the source of all this destruction. Your parents will forget your existence for the time being, but don't worry, you may return to the world now if you like, but the worlds will be destroyed soon after." Said the female voice with sadness. I and my friends weren't dreaming, this was too real. "We wa...." I cut Rayne and Clair off. "I agree, I will save this world. I don't have the heart to not do it, but if my friends want to go back, so be it, I couldn't stand it if they got hurt." I announced. I looked at my friends, surprised to see the look on their faces was a smile. "We both knew you would do this. You act mean, but you can't leave something alone, can you?" Rayne and Clair said. They laughed. I knew now that they were staying. "I thank you for this kindness. One of you is the ice dragon spirit, the only one who can defeat Hiryu, who is the fire dragon spirit. You, Rayne, you will be renamed to 'Ro', and you Clair, will be named to 'Yuki'. And at least, Summer, your name is now 'Karino'. Wear your names well with pride. Oh, but before I go, what you need to know is that, you must find the god of this dimension, and defeat them in whatever they challenge you at. You must do that for every dimension you go into. After defeating the god, you will be transported to a pocket dimension, where you have 24 hours to rest, and then you go to the next. It gets much harder as you go. I wish you luck. Oh, and the first clue is you will find the god of this dimension where the sun rises. And one more thing, everything looks like what you people call 'anime’ and you appearances are going to change a bit too. Well, this is farewell for now." Said the female voice.
     We began rising into the air, then in an instant, we looked different, and then fell to the ground. Rayne’s' hair was a dark purple, and was kinda short, but pretty, and her eyes were now a dark blue. Claire’s' hair turned a light blue, almost a silver, and her eyes were a forest green. And I went to see my reflection in a nearby puddle. My hair was almost down to the ground in a braid of black and blotches of red, and a fringe on my forehead, and one of my eyes was purple, and the other, yellow, with different colors shaded in. "Well, Yuki, Ro, let's go kick some godly ass." I said with a smirk.
     Well our journey begins here.

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