Sekai No Naka Ni Tojikome

Three best friends get pulled into some freaky world and then told they are the saviors of the universe. Confused but determined they begin their journey with what seems to be their male counterparts.


3. I dont know if it was a loss or win

     My face paled as he said that, and Fuko tensed as he realized that the boy standing before us was the one from my dream. If  I was going to help us, I had to stay calm. I let my guard down, and I stood strait. Although fear rippled through my body, I did not show it, Fuko noticed this and did the same. "For what reason were you waiting for me?" I asked calmly. "As you know, you had an awful dream last night," he began. How could he know about that? Unless.... I stayed calm. "Yes. May I ask how you know?" I say calmly. "I caused that dream. I sent the dream to the three of you girls, and the one who was susceptible to the dream is the ice dragon." He said. "Alright then, so let me assume the cliché. You're here to destroy me before I harness my powers and become a threat, right?" I ask. "Very interesting cliché, but no. I will always be one step before you. Although I have not harnessed my own power, I'm close, and this is one fairytale where evil will prevale. I'm actually here to watch you train. I curious to see how pathetic my oposite really is." He said with a dark laugh. I check to see if the two men around him have any concealed weapon. I don't see anything and Hiryu let his guard down. I may not have a weapon but I have Fuko and my fists.
     I nudge Fuko and make eye contact. He instantly knows what I mean. He nods. We charge forward. It would be too obvious to go strait for Hiryu, so we went for the two men by his side. I struck the man on the left across the face but to my surprise he pulled a sword out of nothing. I was stuck in mid air as he was getting ready to strike. I couldn't call for help, Fuko was in mid combat. I had to think of something. Something. What should I do? I've looked everywhere. There's nothing that can help me. Unless.... I grabbed the shirt sleeve of Hiryu and used his weight to pull me back and swing him forward. The sword of the man slashed Hiryu across the chest splattering a small shower of blood on the ground.  I grinned, but to my surprise, so did the man. I had followed his gaze fast enough to dodge a fatal blow to the heart. A third man had managed to slice my shoulder. The battle was getting intense. I gripped my shoulder as a steady stream of blood flowed down my arm. "ENOUGH!" I heard a scream. I looked to see Hiryu holding himself up against the wall. "We need to leave now." He said angrily. The three men stopped in mid combat, walked over to him. One picked him up, than they all faded to mist. The battle was over, leaved me and Fuko awestruck.
     Fuko was the first one to break the silence. "Is your arm okay." He asked. For some reason, his kindness made me angry. "I-it's fine." I said. "Well atleast we drove them out. Now we can get the money." He said. This broke me. "ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, ISNT IT?! ARENT YOU EVEN ALL LITTLE BIT WORRIED ABOUT WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE?!" I screamed with tears filling my eyes. "DO YOU EVEN CARE THAT EVERYONE MIGHT DIE?! THAT IT COULD BE ALL MY FAULT?! DO YOU EVEN CARE AT ALL?!" I continued screaming, the tears finaly pouring down my cheeks. I looked up to see fear and sadness in Fuko's eyes. A crowd had gathered and was looking at me with hatred. The world began to spin. I wiped my eyes and my vision cleared. I took one last glimpse at Fuko and then pushed through the hateful faces in the crowd. As I broke free from the grasp of dark emotions, I began to run. I ran with tears of fear and sadness falling in the wind behind me. Everything went black.

(Authors note: thank you to those of you who are following along with the series. And sorry for the short chapter, it's like that to build suspence. Please don kill me in my sleep, bai! 😭)

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