17 year old Chanel Davis is cruising with her new hot boyfriend Jayden Wills. The sexy chocolate drop she's been waiting for since middle school. When their relationship starts kicking off, Chanel starts questioning his loyalty and everything doesn't go as planned. Neither does her life at home.

Her mother is convinced that she's a problem child. Her father has given her the title of 'Daddy's little girl'... But not anymore. As her family starts falling down, she only has her friends to count on, but when Chanel begins to fall for her long time best friend, Kristian Reed and Jayden popping up... She isn't sure where to turn.

Chanel is forced to choose sides, but what will she end up with? Nothing or everything?


1. Chapter one

"WOULD YOU HURRY UP? DANG!" Lexi yelled, while poking her head into my bedroom. I stood there looking straight ahead into my full-length mirror, smiling at my finished product. I smooth out the side of my legs, that were caressed by black leather pants, that matched my hot pink midriff top and 5-inch black heels. Yep, I was ready! "Guurrrl, if you don't hurry up, the party's going to be over before we even get there." Lexi said with too much attitude. 

"I'm ready! You don't have to rush me." I grabbed my pink Louis clutch and we headed for the door. Until...

"Where do you think you're going?" That was step father, Charles. I spun around and did a full 360 and faced him. "We're going out." I said irritated. Why was he doing this now? "And where to?" he asked again. I rolled my eyes. 

I had a party to attend and I was already late. Ever since he and my mom married last year, he feels the need to act like my father. I already had a father who took care of me. I didn't need another one. When I didn't answer, Charles continued...

"Did you ask your mother if you could go out?" I looked over at Lexi who looked more irritated than I was. Having to wait on me & now this, I can understand. I looked back at Charles, who had his arms crossed, waiting for me to answer. "Don't worry about that." I snapped. Then I headed for the door, and so did Lexi. 

I had enough of Charles for tonight. 

Loud music was pounding from outside the big mansion inviting the party guests. It was that kind of party. We stepped out the car, ready to make an appearance. The mansion was decorated with party lights and scattered cliques all over. I scanned the huge crowd. 

"Chanel!" projected across the room. I looked over my shoulder and saw Kristian walking up to us. I smile swept across my face. Kristian, Lexi and I have been best friend since I could remember. We were inseparable. Like the three musketeers. 

Kristian looked both of us down and said "Party ready, huh?" with a sly grin. "Kris, you already know!" Lexi replied. 

We talked & talked, until I saw my boo, Jayden across the room leaning on edge of the bar, with his friends. That's when I tuned out both Kris and Lexi. I've known Jayden since middle school. More like I've been crushing on him since middle school. Obviously he didn't get the hint back then. 

But now he's mine  and mine  only. I stared at him until his eyes met mines. He smiled and stood up straight and walked towards us. I took him all in. He was dressed in all black. He was like my chocolate Knight and shining armor. 

How can someone be so beautiful? Jayden walked up, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Hey, Love. You didn't tell me you would be here." I couldn't stop smiling. "Surprise, surprise." He looked down at me and planted a soft peck on my lips. His kisses made me tingle, and brought butterflies to my stomach. "Come on," he said taking my hand. 

I looked over at Lexi, then at Kris who looked at me with disgust. My eyebrows grew together. 

"What? Why the face?"

Kris acted like this every time Jayden came around. What did he have against Jayden? 

"Nothing, go on." Kris said, then turned to face Lexi and they both disappeared in the midst of the crowd. This was new. Lexi never had a problem with Jayden, why now? I turned to look at Jayden, who was expressionless. And oblivious to what just happened. 

I look deep in his eyes and wonder, what could be the problem? What did they have to act so resentful towards him? I didn't know.

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