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1. Chapter 1

It was a cold day, with the crisp scent of fall, and the wind freezing you to the bone. Aurilia was at the park she used to hang out at with her friends. She sits on a swingset, not sure of what to do. She was in a particularly difficult situation. She was planning things no 14 year old girl should ever be planning. A murder. If anyone was to ask ‘how are you?’ she would say she is just fine, even though her world is crashing down around her. Aurelia Flora Seabrooke. Everyone tells her she has such a lovely name, but she doesn't believe them. It is the decision her parents made the day of her birth. She hated her name because it reminded her of them The memories were too painful. Every Night, she relives her parents last moments. Her father was a soldier, a medic, and was very kind, and gentle. Her mother was more strict, but if it wasn't for her, nothing would have got done around the house. They balanced each other ou. Her dad softened her mothers edges, and her dad was calmed from his hyper self to a normal activity level. looking back, he was filled with life and energy. Tears stung her eyes. she heard a crunch of fallen leaves behind her.  Then adrenaline kicked in. She jumped up and looked round, and she saw the same face, forever haunting, that seems to follow her everywhere. Its in her room in the dead of night, its at her foster mother's house, it's everywhere. Eve my parents murder. She took one step forward and asked

“who are you? what do you want from me?” everytime, the figure would disappear.  one second they're, gone the next. but not this time.

“You know what I am and you know what I do. Maybe you know more than you would like to.” at first she was shocked. Than she saw the figure start to take a more defined shape. It was a girl, around 9 years in age, with a young, high pitched voice. He black hair was falling out in clumps, leaving bald spots everywhere. . She is wearing a lovely yellow nightgown, with tears and blood all over it. There were three distinct bullet holes in her chest, but she looked just fine for getting shot. Not bad father, or bad. It was him who shot her in his final moments, trying to save us all. She has stitches all over her arms and legs, with the string still in, and all over her face. Her mouth is neatly stitched shut, and she is grinning in a very eerie way. Her eyes are red in the cornea, and black where the whites should be. I gasp, in disbelief. What should I do? a flashback jerks her to the side, and leaves her crumpled against a tree. *It was dark, stormy outside, with lightning and thunder roaring in my eyes and blinding my eyes. I was watching a movie with my parents, and all of a sudden there was the familiar creak of a floorboard, coming from downstairs.

“I’ll go see what it is” my dad says “besides, we are all out of popcorn.” I walked downstairs with him, despite his protests, and saw the girl (minus the wounds and clumps of hair missing) and she looked up and tilted her head to the side and smiled. Between one lightning strike and the next, she had her wounds. My dad pulled out his pistol he has on him at all times. three bullets was all he got before she pulled out a Bomb of some sort.

“tick...tock” she said smiling, and was gone. The cap came off and my dad fell to the ground. his last words were “save yourself. I love you.” when hs pulse left him, i heard a shriek from upstairs. My dad had taught me how to carry injured people, and helped me build muscle. I carried him up the steps, down the hall, and into my parents room. My mom was on the ground, with the girl kneeling beside her, whispering in her ear, Another blood curdling scream. She was eating my mother. That should never happen. I grabbed at the things hair and yanked her back,and  just before she landed, she disappeared. I turned around, and there was writing on the wall, written in scarlet red crayon, with the writing of a child reading ‘I will be back’ and that was when it all sunk in. My parents were dead. My mothers heavy breathing and screams had stopped when the demon disappeared. she was dead. I hit the ground sobbing, and I heard animal like sounds I had never heard before leave my lips* I jerked awake and the girl was kneeling over me, like she did to my mother and said

“I will leave you one piece of information you might value. My name Is Jocelyn Williams..” and just like that, she faded away. This set my mind spinning. Aurellia runs to the swings and starts doing pushups and situps. Tonight, she decided, was a nigh for training. And one day, one day very soon, the murder will be set into action. The murder of Jocelyn Williams.

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