Fake love

info in the first chapter <3 <3 don't hate me <3


1. the meeting


Hey my name is Celina Andrews, I'm 19 years old and lives in L.A, Northridge in the U.S.A where else IDK. I hate Justin Bieber, through all my Girl friends are fans of him, I just don't get it. Now you might ask wheres my parents well my mom left me and my dad and then he deside to bail on me so I've been alone since I was 16 years old, so I have no idea where they are.




I sit down with my friends on Starbuck, witch is our fave place to hang out

"Cel please get me a carmel coffee" Kathy asks as she looks at me with begging eyes.

"fine, i'll do anything for you love" I say as I get up taking 20 dollars from her purse and walks to the desk when someone shout after me.

 I don't turn around thinking its probably just some drunk jerk.

"hey babe there you are" the person shouts as he grabs my writs and places his lips on mine.

I get out of his grab box him on the side of his head then walks back to the girls.

"OMG! Justin Bieber just kissed you!" Melanie fan girls as does the other girls.

"come on girls we are out of here, she kissed our boy and hates him!" Sasha says as she takes Kathy and Melanie's hands and walks away.

"SLUT!" Sasha shouts after me.

Sasha is our newest in our friend group, but she'd always been mad at me, I walks over to that idiot Justin Bieber I take my hand and turns him around.

"FUCK YOU! you made my friends walk away from me YOU PIECE OF CRAB!" I spat into his ugly face.

Then I walk away without looking back, I walk out to get a cab.

"hey let me drive you home" someone behind me says.

"no thank you!" I say as I walk away since there is no cabs who wants to stop.

"come on thats the least I can do since you're friends left you,"

I turn around and there he is lady's and gentlemen the jerk face Justin Bieber.

"come on" he says as he grabs my wrist and walks probably to his car. When we comes to his car he opens the door. I honestly don't get why I get into it. But I do. I mean, I have to get home in some way and when he says he wants to drive me; why not? 

It's very quietly in the car, none of us are saying anything.

"Uh?" we both say.

"You first" Justin says.

"Uh no uh it was nothing" I say just looking down.


I finds my phone from my purse.

"I'm sorry.." it sounds from Justin.

 I look at him but just points my attention at my phone again.


To Cel<3 from Jake

Hey Cel. If that's how you like it. I'm not gonna stand in the way for you being with that Bieberkid! I'm breaking up with you. Bye.


OMG! No Jake just broke up with me.

A few tears escapes my eyes.

"we're her- what's wrong?"

I look at Justin but gets fast out of the car.

"nothing.. Thanks for the drive" I say as I slam the door.

This is all that idiot to Bieber's fault, if I didn't walked up that time this would never had happened and Jake wouldn't had broken up with me.

I feel a hand on my wrist.

"just so you know I didn't mean to kiss you.. it was just uh I was getting interviewed and I said I had a girlfriend and I saw you so yeah you know" Justin says looking down.

"bye" I say as I walk up to my door unlocks and open it.

"wait what can I call you?" Justin asks.

I look back at him, smiles.

"C... Cindy" I say.

I don't know why I doesn't give him my real name. I just doesn't.

He smiles back at me.

"what a beautiful name Cindy, hope to see you again" Justin says as he winks at me, and walks back to his car.

I go inside. "Well well Bieber's pretty girl" a similar voice says behind me.

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