Stolen love

the unread rule at friendship you don't hit each others boyfriends,you don't flirt with each others boyfriends, you don't mess with your best friends crushes, you don't date your best friends ex's. but to Eve rules were for breaking and Harper didn't like that.


3. part 3



i woke up from strange bed. my head was resting on his chest as he slept peacefully. Benjamin's chocolate brown hair was messy and blanket was only covering his... well you know. i run my fingers on his muscular stomach remembering what we did last night. that was best sex i ever had. totally the best."woke up." i said playfully running my finger on his lips. i he smiled his eyes still closed and he got on top of me. "morning beautiful." he said with the sexy morning voice as he kissed my neck. his lips were on my cheeks and tried to reach my lips but i moved my head away. "i haven't brushed my teeth, my breath stink's." i said. he rolled his eyes to me. "i don't careee." he said like little kid wanting his candy and crashed his lips on me."i don't know what the hell did i think when i was with Eve,to be honest i'm not even heartbroken or what ever you call that. i feel good. and you are so much better than she in many ways. why wasn't i with you in the first place?" he said kissing my neck. and moving back to next to me keeping his arms around me pulling me closer to him. "i don't know." i said looking into his chocolate brown eyes. "do you want to be with me? you know be my girlfriend. i know i just got out of relationship. but..." he said looking me with hope. i acted like i was thinking his questing when i already knew the answer. so i kissed him. "is that yes." he asked smiling. "yes." i said. "what about Eve? are you still friends with her..." he asked. "well what do you think? i don't feel like being her friend, and it's not only what she did to you... she knew that i liked you and she started dating with you,she has been horrible towards me lately." i said. "wait what?" he asked. "gosh, shes so, ugh. shit. damn." Ben said like he realized something. "what it is?" i said. "i asked her if i had changes with  you, cause well i have liked you a while and she said that you didn't like me at all and that you had boyfriend and you wouldn't never be more than friends me." Benjamin said. "bitch." i said. "but she won't come between us anymore." i said pecking his lips. "now go put some pants on and can you give me a shirt or something, you know what we will end up doing."i said when he kissed me harder. "i wouldn't mind at all.doing IT again. you know morning sex is best,that's what they say." he smirked. pecking my lips. "maybe some other time.." i said and winked to him and jumped out the bed and he groaned and smiled to me and got up too. he stood naked in front of me. "what? you have seen it before. and if i remember right, you liked it inside of you." he smirked. "pervert." i said as he pulled boxers on and smirked to me and tossed me fresh shirt. "breakfast?" he asked. "yes please." i said smiling to him.


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