Stolen love

the unread rule at friendship you don't hit each others boyfriends,you don't flirt with each others boyfriends, you don't mess with your best friends crushes, you don't date your best friends ex's. but to Eve rules were for breaking and Harper didn't like that.


2. part 2

why would i care about her feelings when she didn't care about mine? and after all she just used him.

"i won!" i yelled top of my lungs when i beat Benjamin's ass. "i'm not playing this game again." he pouted like little kid and yelled. "awwn loser." i said poking his cheeks. he gave me wicked smile and started to tickle me,what was bad idea cause i was ticklish and he end up on top of me on the floor. "stoppp." i said. "never."he laugh. Eve was god knows where. he stopped tickling me but still hold me under him as he stared into my eyes with his big brown eyes. next thing i remember we are making out on the floor. i knew this was wrong my  brains yelled me to stop and pull him away but my lips weren't stopping. i finally pulled away after hard battle with my brains and trying to get my lips agree with my brains. "omg." we both breathed at same time. "that was so wrong." i said covering my mouth and standing up from the floor and sitting on the sofa and covered my face with my hands. "but it felt so right." he whispered to his self. "i don't want to be a cheater, i have only been month with her and now i'm kissing you and actually liking it too much." he said. "wait what." i asked. "you liked it?" i asked confused. "like you didn't." he said. "good point." i said. "where the fuck is even Eve?" i asked. "shes with Sienna at Simon place." Benjamin said. "Maybe we should go there." i said. "good point, so we don't end up doing more stupid things." he said. "not that kissing you was stupid, is stupid and asshole to cheat." he said and i nod. Simon lived at next we only had to step out of the front door and walk to next floor. "the door is open." i pointed out when we stood in front of Simon's flat. we walked in i followed Benjamin to living room where the shit begun. "Hey!- what the fuck." Benjamin said happily the part 'hey' but end of it didn't sound so happy. Simon on top of Eve, both naked. holy shit. "what the hell man,how did you get in?" Simon asked annoyed. "how did i get in? how in the hell are you fucking my girlfriend." Benjamin asked. "I mean my ex girlfriend for now." Benjamin said.they didn't say a thing. "don't act like drama Queen i never even liked you." Eve snapped. what the fuck. "what?" Benjamin asked. "why in the earth did you want to be with me if you didn't even like me? you logic is fucked up." Benjamin pointed out. "To have fun,duh?"Eve smirked. "now excuse us, i want to get my orgasm." Eve spoke out. oh god what a slut. "too much information i'm out of here." i said raising my hands and walking out the room as Ben followed me. we walked back to Ben's. "And i felt guilty for cheating her." Benjamin said. "fuck it." i said and crashed my lips to his. "Fuck them."i said against his lips as i kicked the door close with my leg and he pushed me against the wall kissing me harder. 


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