Stolen love

the unread rule at friendship you don't hit each others boyfriends,you don't flirt with each others boyfriends, you don't mess with your best friends crushes, you don't date your best friends ex's. but to Eve rules were for breaking and Harper didn't like that.


1. part 1

i knew she didn't really like him, they just started dating and she would fuck up this like she had fucked up her other relationships,but this time i wasn't going to wait. i was so full of it. she was maybe born to stole my crushes, even when i told her i liked someone, she wanted new toy and after few weeks she would trow it away when she would notice that i had go my eyes on someone be my quest at this fucked  friendship we had with Eve

"Harper i wan't to hang out with you today." Eve whined. "okay,i will come." i said. i saw her flat and decided to call her that was she really at home or with Benjamin her new boyfriend.i mean boy toy. "oh come at Benjamin's we are here." she giggled. "kay." i said and hung up. i knew it she wanted to torture me. Ben lived at same building and he had his own flat what he shared with his two room mates but they weren't sadly home. i rang the door bell and Eve opened the door. her hair was mess. she totally had sex hair. she hugged me and i followed her inside. Ben was lying under covers at bed. great. and why did i come here for? to look them almost fucking? Eve got under the covers with him   gladly they were dressed. i sat on the sofa what was near the bed. i started to play with my phone cause the noise they were causing when they were under covers. i could hear Eves giggles. ewwn. i wanted to leave so badly but Eve wanted me here. "can i call Sienna over? "i asked. "sure." Eve giggled.  "eeewwwn, why in the hell are those two fucking when you are at same room." Sienna screamed while she walked in after i had called her. i just flashed her a smile. Sienna and Eve where like sister even that Eve was my best friend. "we are going out we have some stuff to talk about." Eve said. "you can stay here." Eve said. "kay." i said. they left the apartment leaving me and Ben alone. he stood up from the bed and sat next to me at the sofa. "whats up?" he asked. "nothing much, bored. "i said. "okay." Ben said. Ben was sweet and nice guy i didn't get it why he was with someone like Eve. he would get so much more. i mean Eve is slut. yeah and now you ask yourself why in the hell i'm friends with that slut. well i don't have a clue. maybe cause she's my only friend? yeah lame excuse what ever. me and Ben got along really well. when i first met Ben we just started talking about random stuff and laughing to jokes like old friends. if he wouldn't have been with Eve i would have totally hit him.we talked and played Play station for hours not even noticing that Eve had totally bailed us.


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