Spetakers: The whisper of the forest

When a clan suddenly goes dies down. Only Nathan and his friends can make the Clan become like it once did. The different powers and different fights that they have to get over to make their Clan once as it was. Nathan and his friends meet many new people and go on many different adventures but can the power of shadow save the Clan or would it make everything worse.



The rushing sounds of the leave, the noise of the darkness. Nathan turn around, inhale the beautiful speeches from the darkness. He said to himself' Darkness speaks you know?! They always speak to me. Every day, they tell me secrets..." He take a second in his thoughts...." Who going to care? They just think I'm mad'.. Nathan guessed its about 1 or 2 in the morning by looking in to the sky, Nathan went in to his pocket to look for his phone to double check but then remember that he  left his  phone at home because he knew the old man  would be calling him all the time, he knew he was staying out late and  he knew the old man  prefer him being save and staying indoors, so that why he sneak out today.
 Nathan was one of those people that prefer to stay on his own in the dark. His  been that way for much too long. But he kinder blend in to the dark which he though was a good thing. He blend in with his  shiny black hair with blond ends and his silver strong blue eyes. His black hair is short, but can become long in the rain. His black hair is down so it can cover his forehead and the blond ends cover a bit of his eyes, not a lot but suit Nathan. Nathan like his hair that way no matter what anyone says.

'St Gole Street' said a voice in the shadow, Nathan quick turn around to where the voice came from. 'It’s pointless to look for me...'The spot where the voice came from became very bright. All the darkness was gone, it was almost like it was told to move. Before he could finish his sentced he was surround by a round bright circle, almost trap, as the shadows surrounded him, like sharks surrounding their prey. He finish his sented but said it almost like the sencted you would say before a death wish. 'In the shadows'. This boy had ice blond hair, with strong blue eyes, he was breathing fast, almost like he had a mini heart attack. He look at Nathan, and saw his skylight blue eyes turn in to a dark deadness black eyes. His eyes were almost like they he was suffering After a minute Nathan noited that it was Maxie who scared him, that it was Maxie voice in the shadows, that is was Maxie who he was about to kill..

 He quickly snap out of that mood and said 'shit Max don't sneak up on me again' he said this while turning around, putting his hands on his eye, to try and calm down his heartbeat, trying to calm down his excitement of killing someone. The shadows that was circling Maxie has now calmed down and went back to its normal place. 'Me scare you, bloody hell Nathan' Maxie said, he was relive that the shadows went back to normal but also felt really bad for Nathan, because he know Nathan was suffering, he knew Nathan was turning around to control his blood thirst, he knew that Nathan was actually crying in pain and there was nothing anyone can do about it.

'What are you doing here' Nathan muffled because he arm rest over his mouth while his hand was cleaning the tears that drop out of his eyes. 'I came to get take you back home, father angry because it’s late Nathan' Maxie reply, acting like he didn't really care what Nathan was doing, to make Nathan feel better. Nathan shrugs and countied walking. He was getting annoyed now because all he wanted freedom and he wasn’t getting it. 'Arrh here we go again' Maxie muffled 'Nathan you need to understand' walking behind Nathan 'We don't get freedom as well you know, it’s not just you and plus you never came home after school, father wondering about the fight this afternoon, his worried about you' Maxie consider Nathan as a close friend, because they were the same age and they were bought up together from the time there were born, that's why father left getting Nathan back to Maxie because he knew Maxie could bring him back, Maxie was even confident in his own skills to bring Nathan back. Nathan shrugs 'Alright alright I'm coming' He knows to himself that he has to go back, mainly coz he was tired of hearing the voices in the shadow.
Nathan walks down the main street to the big house which was in sight.

The walk back was dark and gloomy. It’s started to rain, heavily, and each drop sounded like a gun shot. Maxie was quite, yet Maxie enjoyed the quietness, especially if he was with Nathan, Nathan who Maxie thought as a brother. Nathan was also close to Maxie, but would never say Maxie was his brother. He felt like he didn't deserve a brother. Nathan said while the wind was moving his hair from his eyes "don't tell the old guy  about my eyes" his eyes was dark at that moment, that moment when he said old guy, that moment when the wind move the hair that hid his eyes, that moment when Nathan felt weaker than ever. "I won't Nathan" Nathan felt relief "But I think he already knows". Although Nathan felt relief he knew to himself that the old guy would already know that he lost control for a quick second, yet he still always wonders how he knew what he knows.

Walking up the street, Nathan felt scared and shaky, because he knew that he was going to get in trouble by  the old guy. Nathan and Maxie both walked up towards a big tall house. This house was dark and damp, to keep the unwanted away. Maxie knock on the door, the doors bell conutiece to bell, for a long time. Nathan patently stood and waited for someone to open the door. The door open and a young girl stood there. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Most girls that had blond hair look quite nasty from Nathan point of view, but Lily was different. She was beautiful with her blond hair and blue eyes. She had the same of blue in her eye like Maxie. They were twins. "You’re in trouble Nathan" said Lily. She was wearing a belly top which showed her big boos and shorts which showed her legs. She jump on Nathan, letting her boos rub in to him. "You’re so naughtier" she said. Maxie stared to laugh as Nathan face went red. "Oi..Lily...Stop..."Nathan said. Panicking and fell to the floor. Maxie stood there laughing. "Lily stop it" said a strong voice from inside the house. A dark skin boy, tall and good looking was standing at the bottom of the stairs. His appearance was tall, muscle looking. Brown eyes and a dark curly hair. More like an Afro but really really short. He seemed quite a serious person. "Daniel" Nathan said shortly. 'Nathan" Daniel responded. Daniel and Nathan both didn't look in the same eye. They barely got along and fought all the time. With Daniel power, Daniel would be the hardest opponent for Nathan. Nathan didn't like that. For Daniel, knowing Nathan could get stronger, Daniel didn't like that. Nathan pick himself from the floor, with his eyes looking down. "Father waiting" Daniel said simply. Maxie and Lily gave each other a serious look and both follow Nathan through the door.

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