Spetakers: The whisper of the forest

When a clan suddenly goes dies down. Only Nathan and his friends can make the Clan become like it once did. The different powers and different fights that they have to get over to make their Clan once as it was. Nathan and his friends meet many new people and go on many different adventures but can the power of shadow save the Clan or would it make everything worse.


2. The Painful Night

1993. A cold dark night, the leaves were blowing harshly, and the streets were damper than usual. Mr T knew that tonight would be a night to remember. Mr T came home after a busy day with the clan's men. He felt tired and wanted to just fall asleep, but it couldn't be help while his youngest son ran towards him. This little boy has strong black hair with blond hint and strong like blue eyes. His face shape shows his going to be something special in life. Mr T though just like your brother. 'Where your brother Nathan' Mr T ask kindly. Although Mr T had a loud and rough voice, he would always speak kindly to his children. He would say that tone is used for his job as head of the clan but never used on his children or wife.

"His in the kitchen with mummy daddy' said the little blue eye boy "did you know daddy that I can light a flame with my hands" Nathan was showing Mr T what he has learnt. Mr T was quite impressed. He was always praising his second child more than his first because he saw potential in the little boy standing in front of him then the child that always stay further away from him. He did not see anything wrong with his judgement. To be more accurate he thought it was normal.

He carried his little boy and placed him on his shoulder and said 'I'm so proud of you, well done'. He walk slowly towards the kitchen in the back of the house, slowly moving so no accidents can happen. Mr T was very careful to make sure nothing bad happened. He value his boy’s life more than anything and preferred him to not hurt himself.

"Darling please can you look after the children tonight" said Mrs T as Mr T walked in to the kitchen with Nathan on his shoulder. Mrs T was a beautiful woman, her features stood out more than any other girl in their clan. Mr T felt very happy because of having a girl like Mrs T. They both feel in love at a young age, and their relationship was like an unbreakable bond. Mr T agree to look after the children.

Mr T and Mrs T had two children. Boys. Both were smart in their own way. The oldest of the two boys was named Jack. He feature were stunning. He had brown short hair and sky like blue eyes. His younger brother had jet black mid long hair with blond ends, and sky like blue eyes. The two brothers both had the same eye colour. The determination lit around their eyes to show a strong blue that was caught by anyone eye sight from afar. These two brothers were quite close with only a 2 year gap between them both. The bond between them two was amazing.

 They would tell each other everything and wouldn't keep secret between themselves. Jack was quite protected over his younger brother as he saw that everyone knew that Nathan had better potential then he did. This was something he envy. In his heart he was jealousy of his younger brother, and hated him for being loved more but loved him more than anything. This feeling his developed of looking after his younger brother turned him and his dad relationship to a wreck... To anyone else Jack's feelings were evil like.

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