Spetakers: The whisper of the forest

When a clan suddenly goes dies down. Only Nathan and his friends can make the Clan become like it once did. The different powers and different fights that they have to get over to make their Clan once as it was. Nathan and his friends meet many new people and go on many different adventures but can the power of shadow save the Clan or would it make everything worse.


3. The Dark Night

As evening fell in to midnight, Mr T was getting ready to go out. He was called out just now because of some urgent matters. Mr T hated this part of his job as head clan leader because he had to cancel on spending time with his children. This time he had no choice but to bring both of his boys with him. He had to as his wife was out working in the main house. "Nathan, Jack" took a quick breather, trying to calm down, because he know that getting a call at this time means something bad is going to happen.

"Are you guys ready yet?” Nathan and Jack both came racing each other down the stairs, with them boys it was always racing for everything. "I beat you again" Jack said as he was the first to get down the stairs, he was jumping up and dancing "See Nathan you can't beat me at your age" Nathan sat on the floor breathing hard with his hand on top of his head "You..win...this...time" speaking slowly. He got up after catching his breath for a bit "But I won't give up" Nathan had that look in his eyes. The look of courage. The look of never giving up. Mr T like that part of Nathan, a part which he knows would get Nathan far in life.

Mr T took Nathan and Jack to the head clan house which was down the street, and through the dark alley way which was corrupted by the darkness. He didn't mind though because his power was enough to scare anything away. He took both hands of his children, and said quietly "stay close to me" as they all walked thought these big double doors.

 These doors had the design of a devil. It was bumpy but pretty, and was dark and silvery. "Boss your here" said a tall lumpy looking man, with silver hair and blue eyes. Nathan and Jack know him as Nathan best friend’s father. "You bought your children" The tall man said with a puzzle look on his face. "I had no choice, the Mrs is out tonight" Mr T reply gently rubbing his boys back, while smiling. "Haha okay okay, it’s all okay Boss" said the tall man. For some reason he laughed but to the young boys they didn't really know why. "Very funny Thomas" Said Mr T. Mr T and Thomas was very close friends by the time they were teenagers.

"Bring your children to work is not smart you know boss" said a dark skin women. She had a strong look but beautiful features. "Our faces are supposed to be a secret you know" she said while putting her hand in her hair flicking it behind her shoulder. "Maggie right Mr T" said another voice that came from oppose the dark skin women called Maggie. This guy had brown hair and green eyes, tall but also hard looking "Bring your children here could be dangous" He stood up "what if they get caught and then they will have to expose who and where we are yeah?!!?"

"Oh yeah, sorry Chris I didn't really think" laughed Mr T. "YOU DIDNT THINK" Chris was getting angry now, slowly moving to Mr T. Mr T push his children behind him and stood his grounds. "What if they get caught then we all gets caught. What then Mr T" Chris said putting his hand in the air with angry "What would the 'great boss' do then" He said was sarcasm. He walked closer to Mr T, poking his chest "What would you do then!?!” "Oi stop it Chris" said another voice that came behind Mr T. He walked in the middle of Chris and Mr T. His features were brown hair, green eyes. He was quite young yet sounded like the oldest. "Stay out of this Billy" said Chris angry, pushing Billy out of the way and still poking Mr T in the chest. "Naaa stop it now guys" said another voice behind Chris.  This guy had brown eyes with blond hair. He was quite tall but his features was brave and fightfull '"Stop it Chris" he said, standing away from them. Callum knows when Chris get started he doesn't stop, and he also knows Mr T doesn't do anything to stick up for himself.

"Everyone please shut up" Mr T said calmly. Everyone looked at him "Say what you want to say Chris" took a breather and allowed them to contience. Nathan and Jack both look at their father; they were going to go towards him, but Mr T keeped his hand, to show them not to come. Thomas, Maggie, Billy, Callum knew what Mr T was like, so they weren't shocked for long. "What is your problem Chris? Mr T said calmly, gentle pushing his children further away from him. "I doubt it’s about me bring my children here”. Chris replied shaking with angry "It’s you, you cheerful acting. The way you laugh when it’s not a joke. YOU you’re just.. Just... I would never accept you as BOSS!"  he went for a punch, but as he was preparing for the punch his hand become hard like rock. Gold rock. The details of the gold rock which you can see in the bottom of the mines became his skin. He went in for the punch, and his fist clapped Mr T chin, and made him fly. Mr T coughs up blood and fell hard on the floor. His fall was like an earthquake that latest for one second.

Everyone stood where they were, silence took over in this atmosphere. Jack and Nathan both had tears running down their eyes. For Nathan a 4 year old boy this was quite a scary thing for him. Jack who's 6 was scared, but scared for his Father. Jack ran over to where his Father was, "Dad, dad  are you okay?" Mr T sat up, spat out the blood that was taking over his mouth and used his wrist to rub his mouth, to calm down the pain. He look to the floor and then look up to meet Chris's eyes. Jack was next to Mr T holding on to him, crying. Mr T look from Chris eyes to where his other son was standing. Nathan was looking at his Father, his eyes was water that it seem too hard to even keep his eyes open. He was breathing heavily. Keeping eye contact with his Dad. Mr T look closer and gasp as he saw his son eyes turn from blue to dark black. Nathan turn around and look at the guy who he was most scared at this moment. The five other people got a gimps at this little boy eyes turning from blue to black. They all went on their guard. But before any of the six adults in that room could understand what was happening, shadows appeared around Chris. Around his neck.. biting him.. Mr T snap out of the what was happening and ran to Nathan. Jack who thought Mr T was going to grab Nathan and embraced Nathan to stop him. In fact Mr T ran over to Nathan to slap him.

The connection between Mr T hand and Nathan face was so loud that everyone was shocked. Nathan looked at his Father, with shocked in his eyes. His eyes softly become blue. The dark blackness left and the shadows slowly killing Chris left and Chris was free. Chris fell to the floor grasping his neck, blood was dripping down from his neck to the floor. Not a lot but enough to scare him. He looked at Nathan who was looking up at his dad. "Nathan" Mr T was breathing slowly, trying to control the scaredness he had "When we are angry we don't kill, what's the point with killing the wrong people, what do we get out of it. Remember we are family Nathan" Looking at Nathan while everyone was looking at him. "What's the point in our clan living if we are going to kill each other, This clan going to change, this clan going to be known by everyone, this is OUR FAMILY. Use your power on others family member. Does it.. What does that make you though? Stronger? Smarter? Wiser? Or just stupid? Our clan future is on your little idiots choices. I'm trusting you Nathan" Mr T grabs his son to his chest and hug him tightly "So don't get angry, who's going to trust you if you get angry hey?" Nathan was crying, crying more now than before "heey don't cry my boy. You’re young. Maybe us elders shouldn't have fought infront of you, but still.." He look up behind his boy, look at the 5 other adults in this room, then looked at his boy again "This is called the six elite, will start your job for you" his winks at his son "so don't get angry, no matter what you see" and he smiled looking at his boy in the eyes....

Nathan look at his fathers' eyes and turn around to face the other adults in the room. He went down on his knees, head bowed and said "Forgive my actions". While he was doing this there were tears dropping from his eyes to the floor. All the adults were shocked. "His Four" thought Chris. Chris went over to Nathan and pick him up and said "Your strong you know?" This made Nathan smiled. "Your real strong! The strongest ever" Chris finish his sentenced and all the adults where laughing. Apart from Jack....

Thomas looked at Jack then Nathan then Mr T and said "Mr T the reason we are all called here is because there been...." BOOM. An loud explosion caused everyone to fall on the floor. Everyone was getting push back with the sound of the bang ringing their ears. The glass windows broke, the roof was dropping, piece and piece of it fell to the floor. The smoke was rushing in to everyone throat. The fire was blazing so much it was like it was a demon killing everyone. The tables and cabins drop all over the place. The glass vases that was placed In the cabin was smash everywhere, which caused glass to set everywhere. This was what a bomb has caused....

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