Spetakers: The whisper of the forest

When a clan suddenly goes dies down. Only Nathan and his friends can make the Clan become like it once did. The different powers and different fights that they have to get over to make their Clan once as it was. Nathan and his friends meet many new people and go on many different adventures but can the power of shadow save the Clan or would it make everything worse.


1. Prologue- The Clan

Prologue-  The Clan

In the time before man can tell, there was a clan known as 'The Spetakers'. In the Spetakers each person had their own ability, which fell under the sector of 'Creatures', 'Makers' or 'Specialist'. Though there wasn't many 'Specialist'. Out of those three, 'specialist' was consider as the most dangerous type, and many citizen consider it as a death wish.

The Spetakers Clan was most feared by humans. The Spetakers Clan was outcased. They were treated as aliens, but yet this clan allowed the mistreating continued for century’s and century’s till it came to the point where this clan had to go in hiding.

Throughout the first and second war the government used The Spetakers Clan to fight in the wars. Many lives were taken in The Spetakers Clan by both sides of the war, which the Clan could not understand as they thought they were fighting with team mates.

After both wars ended a clan of 1000 turned into 500. It was enough people for the clan to make another century of lives to live, but as many lives were taken recklessly many people in the Clan wanted revenge. This started problems within the clan. The started spitting themselves into 'Realist' 'Truth'. 'Truth' was the rebel side of the Clan. Half a century later the clan sorted out their problems but the government was planning on how they shall kill the reminding hidden out cased clan. It came to the point where they planned on launching a secret attack on the clan. In the government there are the top military which is known by many people 'Justice'. Justice considers of the greatest evil power that the world could know. The orders that the Justice was given was 'Make sure no-one survives'.

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