Spetakers: The whisper of the forest

When a clan suddenly goes dies down. Only Nathan and his friends can make the Clan become like it once did. The different powers and different fights that they have to get over to make their Clan once as it was. Nathan and his friends meet many new people and go on many different adventures but can the power of shadow save the Clan or would it make everything worse.



Father stood up quickly and looked at the two men. "Coming over a 3 in the morning, that's rare Billy" Billy was a tall guy with brown hair and green eyes. His brown hair was long, reaching his neck, it was curly. It was a nice looking brown. Billy didn't look very old, but if Father knew him then he must've been. "I came to check up" Billy said calmly. "This is Falt's Kid" pointing at the man next to him. Now relising that this man next to him was infact a young boy, 19 at least. His brown hair was shiny."We have a problem Master Kai" all the children listen carefully, because this was the first time they heard Father's real name. Father sight "I have fear for this time to come Billy. Children go to your rooms". Slowly one by one they got up and walked towards the door.

Those closer to the door took their time to go. The only people that didn't move was Daniel and Nathan. Billy stare at Nathan, looking at him carefully. Billy fully knew who Nathan was and what his could do but didn't know if Nathan truly knew. Master Kai stared at both boys. The other stop where they were. Nathan took a glace back and at that moment Daniel took a glance at him. Nathan chuckled. "Father" Nathan started. "I wish to stay. Infact we all actually want to stay. We're old enough now" Nathan got up to stretch. An idea hit him quickly, he scranched his eyes and said "But never mind Father" Daniel stood straight, looking at Nathan intesive. "We will go" and with that Nathan walked out. The rest of his silbems watch Nathan go. Daniel stood and chucled knowing what was going through Nathan's mind, and was the first to follow Nathan go. The rest of the slibegs followed. Billy stared at the group of children going and said 'They sure grown, the leader Nathan and the second leader Daniel both look quite strong" He turned away from the children who disspared with the darkness and looked at the boy who he earlier called Fault's kid. "John do a secret spell around this room if you please" John knew when Billy says if you please, his not really asking but telling. John took his stand in the middle of the room, put his hands in front of him and said "Power of the earth, granted my wish and block this room from all outcomes, protect us with the power of God".

A bright light came from John and covered the whole room, It was bright and inviting but also deadly. The classic looking front room that there were in turned to a light, white yellow room. Almost like a box. In fact it was a box, a protection box. "Sir hurry please, I can't keep this up for long with out a power release" John panted, still holding his stand. Father who was impressed with John turned to Billy and said 'You went thought the trouble of making sure the children don't hear, now tell me what happened" Billy rubbed her hand over his face and said "They are back"..

'Bloody hell" said Nathan 'to think they will put a barriale to keep us from not hearing" he crouch down, putting his head down. "Well what did you think eh Nathan? That they believed your word?" said Lily. They siblens were in a the hallway, helped by Nathan to be hidden in the dark. Nathan had control over the darkness to be able to hid himself as he pleased. The other children was not happy with Nathan's idea to hid in the darkness, knowing it will damage Nathan himself. As Nathan crouch down he cover his jet black eyes, slowly moving the darkness off everyone else to slowly move back to him. His eyes were open looking careful on the floor, not to loose control, knowing each and every one of the children were looking at him. He slowly and quietly said 'Move' and the shadow disspared. His eyes slowly turned from jet black to light blue. He had control this time. He smiled and stood up, his hand still coving his face. He was pleased, this time he hasn't hurt anyone. "Oh well" Nathan stretched, "looks like it was best for us not to know anyway". Luca walked to Nathan and said "Can we wait here for Papa please BrotherNathan" Luca acted young for his age, althogh he was 14, he acted and look like he was 10. He was the most loved one out the group, and got along with everyone. "Wanna wait here then Luca?" Nathan replied, with a little smile. "Yeah". Nathan smiled.

At that moment, the shield that covered Father and the other unknown men came out. The man known as Billy came walking out first, followed by John then Father came at the end. Billy wasn't shocked that all of the child were outside waiting. Billy stopped in the middle of the hall way and said "I have spoken with Father and we have decide to put you all in high school"... There was silence. It was quite and no one spoke. The silence was so intense, that it was enough to kill. 'Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat' the Kids shouted, each jumping and shouting out of character. The noise that the kids were making was to much. Each of them were talking over each other, shouting their point of views.
'Slience' 'You will be attending school'

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