"Why am I here?
I am Mason the killer; that is why I’m here."

Mason Bluefield was a typical teenager. WAS. He HAD a regular family, he HAD a group of friends, he HAD plans for his future.

And then one day he finds something. Something that was destined to change his life - forever.


Telu is the story of how someone's life can change unbelievably in a moment. When Mason unearths an old, hidden photograph, he begins to ask questions. Knowingly or unknowingly, the answers open up dark secrets from Mason's childhood which could only have previously existed in his worst nightmares.
Told in past and present voices of Mason, enter the new and treacherous world of his - if you do so dare.


1. Now

It had to happen sometime.

   The stress. The tension. The pace, for God’s sake!

   It had to happen sometime.

   I mean, we couldn’t go on forever, could we? Could I?






   It’s playing in my head like a mantra or a drumbeat, pounding away at my skull. Time is going a million times faster. No, time has frozen. No...

   I have no sense of space or direction, who I am or where I am. Yet I feel like I know myself better than ever before, I know exactly where I am standing.

   Where are you going?

   Rosie’s words play in a loop in my head, a scratched record repeating itself over and over and over again. I remember the way she had said it only moments before, eyes blurred, voice hoarse after a bad night of sleep. I don’t think she had slept anyway.

   These days, none of us could.

   Sighing, I watch my breath fade away into the chill of the night. It clawed at your face and strangled your throat. The cold was the silent killer, but almost the best feeling I’d had in weeks. The night is foggy and freezing, a typical British night in November. But this particular night feels distinguished, like I’m meant to be here, halfway between East London and Birmingham, standing on a grassy bank, next to a single train track, at 3:15 a.m.

   God, this feels so wrong.

   No. No, I can’t back out now. This was meant to happen. I know it. Everyone knows it. They’ll all feel much better once I’ve paid my debt, like a slate has been wiped clean of the dirty scribbles, like a new era has begun,

   Why am I here?

   Shut up, Mason, you know exactly why you’re here. I know exactly why Rosie looked at me funny when she saw me in jeans and my worn jacket. I know exactly why I had left the house, ignoring the worried questions of my older sister as she grabbed her shoes. I know exactly why I had to race to outrun the desperate pleas for me to stop.

   Why am I here?

   I know exactly why a tear had formed in the corner of my eye. I know exactly why my parents had kept it a secret so many long years. I know exactly why a zillion feelings were whizzing around inside me; guilt, anger, sadness, confusion and so many other things had crept into me while I wasn’t on guard. One second of distraction and that was it, I was filled with everything a man could fear, filled with things more terrifying than things that lurk under the bed or in the wardrobe of a child’s room. And I know exactly why it’s my fault.

   Why am I here?

   I am Mason the killer; that is why I’m here.

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