Magcon/5SOS/1D Imagines

Hey guys
This is my first book of imagines.I am taking requests so just let me know if you want one.



3. Nash Imagine

You and your best friend y/b/f/n were at a Magcon meet and greet.There were three people in between you and your hero the boy who saved your life.Nash Grier. You were at Cameron who was next to Nash."What's up beautiful" he asked."Wow I can't believe I'm actually meeting you guys" I said to Cameron."Well believe it cause you are" he said giving you a hug.Then it was him.Your sunshine,your reason to smile,the love of your life,Nash Grier."Hey beautiful" he said hugging you."Hi Nash" you said hugging back."Do you think I can get a kiss" you asked."Of course sweetheart" he said.You turned your head so he could kiss your check but he returned you head so he kissed your lips."Wow that's not what I meant but that was better" I told him blushing."Yeah and how about we go out sometime" he asked neverously."I would love to" you said back.After exchanging numbers you and your friend left.Lets just say that was the beginning of yours and Nash's amazing relationship.

You and Nash stayed together for two years till he preposed.You guys had a big wedding with all your friends and family.After your honeymoon you find out that you are pregnant with twin girls.Then a few years later you and Nash have a son completing your family.

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