Magcon/5SOS/1D Imagines

Hey guys
This is my first book of imagines.I am taking requests so just let me know if you want one.



5. Luke Imagine

(Y/f/n means your full name)

You and your long term boyfriend Luke Hemmings decided to go for a walk along the beach sense you never spend anytime together because the guys are always around or you get mobbed by fans.(Y/N) I just want to tell you how much I lo- was all could say before you were mobbed by fans.Luke was standing there signing autographs and taking pictures so you decided to go back to the board walk to get a drink because you were thirsty.When you went back to were Luke was the fans were gone and there stood a very angry Luke.(Y/N) were where you he asked.Well you were busy with the fans and i was thirst so I went to the board walk to get a drink you said back.Ok can you just tell me were you are going next time he said more calmly.Ok mom you said under your breath.Lets go he said pulling you by your arm.Were are we going you laughed out.Crazy he laughed back.Then you finally got were he wanted to take you.It was a part of the beach were there were only a girl about your age maybe younger and a young boy.I have to go take care of something real quick Luke called out as he ran toward the boardwalk so you decided to talk to the girl.Hi Im (Y/N) you say as you stick out your hand to shake.Hi Im Ashley and this is Sam she said as the little boy hid behind her.Hi Sam you say in a calm voice so you don't scare him.Hi he said back before running up to the water to play in the waves.He is so cute you tell Ashley.Thanks she answers back.Is he your brother you ask her. Ashley then got a sad look on her face "no he is my son I had him when I was 14".Before you could say anything you got a call from Luke.This is how the call went.

L=Luke and Y=You

Y:hey were are you?

L:Um I had to go to a rehearsal

Y:I thought you didn't have rehearsal today

L:well it came up out of no where

Y:well we were supposed to spend the day together

L:Im sorry we can spend tomorrow together

Y:I cant i have work tomorrow

L:how about after you get off of work

Y:I cant because I have to work till midnight

L:oh well I have to get back to rehearsing

Y:ok then bye

You where really upset and mad and you guess that Ashley noticed because she asked you if you were ok.You told her about the phone call then you broke down in tears.Its ok do you need a ride home Ashley asked you.Yeah you said as you packed up and headed to her car.

* one month later

Thing with you and Luke have been not very good lately.You guys never see each other because when he is home you are working and when your home he's working.But when you do spend time together he acts like he has better thing to do.

Luke you say angrily can you at least act like you want to talk to me.He looked up smiled then looked down at his phone.Hey Luke I remember the times when you actually cared about me you yelled.He then looked up and started strait in to your eyes.Finally eye contact you scream back.(Y/N) want do you want from me cant you tell Im tired from working.Luke I know you’re busy, but we never see each other anymore. i just want to have a normal conversation you yell back.“Were seeing each other right now!.” He screamed while rolling his eyes. You weren’t finished yet.

“Luke, don’t you remember the times we actually cared about each other. When we actually wanted to talk to each other? Because I remember perfectly. Did you not pay any attention or did you not care?” You thought that would make an impact on him. Nope. He just stood there, staring at you blankly, directly in the eyes. His head slowly drifted down, as he was going to look at his phone again.“Luke...... I think we need a break.” You stated. He looked up at you. No emotion whatsoever.You sighed and headed towards the door. Right before you closed the door you heard a faint“(Y/N) Wait!” But it was too late. You started running to the only place you could think of. Tears were clouding your vision, making it hard to see, but you kept running. You finally arrived at your destination, and headed up their driveway. You knocked on the door and waited patiently.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Calum greeted. Once he took a look at your tear-stained face, his face changed to worry.“What happened?” He asked worriedly, as he gestured for you to come in. He went into the stove to make some tea, while you went to kitchen table. Once Calum put the ice cream on the counter, he turned around, his eyes begging you to tell him what happened. Once you explained everything, Calum just stood there, with a thinking face on.“Why would he do that? He doesn’t seem stressed when we are at rehearsals?” Calum stated, obviously puzzled. “You can stay here for the night, (Y/N)” You just nodded your head and he led you to the guest room. He gave you a pair of his sweats and you went to go get changed. You soon entered the guest room, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning you woke up at around 11.Calum left a note on the side of the bed saying all the boys had to go to rehearsals. You thought this was the perfect time to go get your stuff from Luke’s house. You put on your clothes that you wore yesterday. When you went in the bathroom to change, you saw a hideous monster staring at you. Your hair was messed up, and you had no brush to fix it. Your mascara was all over the place, and your face was all red and puffy from crying last night. And you had no makeup to fix it.You got dressed and tried to make your face go back to normal. About a half hour later, you looked EH, in your opinion.Right now you were walking back to Luke’s house, which was about a block away from Calum’s place. About fifteen minutes later, you arrived at the house. You walked up to the door and pulled out the spare key. You unlocked the door and entered the house. You went up to Luke’s room, where all your clothes were, but stopped yourself once you saw the door was closed with a sticky note stuck to the door. You went up to the door and picked off the note to see this written on it.

July 6th 2012....

It was just a date for most people, but not for you two. July 6th was a day you would always remember. It was the day Luke asked you out for the first time. You thought back to the place where he asked you. The bathroom. You headed towards the bathroom only to see another sticky note on the mirror.

July 7th 2012...

Well that wasn’t too hard to figure out. It was when you guys had your first date. He won you the giant panda.You ran to your guys’ bedroom and opened the door and headed to the corner where you kept it. There was another sticky note stuck to it. You picked up the panda and hugged it tightly as you read the note.

August 14th 2012...

You remembered this date because it was when you and Luke went to the zoo.Luke wanted to go to the bird terrarium.You know the enclosed bird house where you can feed the birds.You two got some bird feed from the man who gave you the tickets to get in.When you walked in, the birds flocked all around you guys.Luke held up the food and a bird flew right down on his shoulder.You quickly snapped a pic of the goofy smiling Luke.You got the pics developed and the pic was on the fridge.You went to the fridge and picked up the magnet that held the picture to the fridge and turned the picture over, only to see yet another sticky note.

June 19th 2013....

That was the day you graduated from high school.That night all the guys wanted to treat you to dinner at this fancy restaurant. After you were all finished eating, Luke brought you outside, where he asked you to move in with him. This one was harder. You thought about what you did to find the perfect house and what you were looking for in the house. You always mentioned you wanted a library.... You rushed to the library, where Luke stood holding a sign that said: I remembered everything. I payed attention. I love you.

“Luke I-”

“No let me talk. I’m sorry. So sorry. I’m sorry I don’t have an excuse for acting the way I did. I’m sorry for making you think I don’t care or that I don’t remember anything. I do. I remember everything and more, I’m so sorry.”

You ran up to him and hugged the life out of him.You instantly forgave him.

*one year later

It was your birthday so Luke decided to take you out for dinner.When you were done with dinner he took you to the park.When you arrived at the park he got down on one knee.(Y/F/N) I love you with all my heart and would do anything for you so will you marry me Luke asked.Yes of course you screamed as you jumped in to his arms.After that he took you home and rocked you all night long.

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