Magcon/5SOS/1D Imagines

Hey guys
This is my first book of imagines.I am taking requests so just let me know if you want one.



4. Hayes Imagine

“Flight 18 to Miami Florida is ready to board” the overhead PA speakers says.You grabbed your purse, book and iPod off of the cold shiny floor. Your flip flops made a weird noise as you walked on the airport tiles.You were visiting your aunt for a couple of months.You handed the lady behind the booth your ticket.She ripped it and handed you back the stub.You smiled at her and walked to the plane.Seat 9B. Ugh, You thought to yourself,you would have to sit next to someone. Knowing your luck, it would be either be a) an old man who will sleep on you or b) the overweight middle aged man who will try and hit on you. Just my luck.You finally got to the plane and touched the outside.To you, touching the outside of the plane is good luck and good for flying to keep you safe.You smiled at the flight attendants and walked down the plane.Finally finding your seat, you saw that a young guy was sitting alone. Well, this is 9B, my seat.You sit down next to him, waking him from his daydream.He looked up at you and smiled.

“Thank goodness.”He said “I don’t have to sit alone! What’s your name?”

“Y/N.You?” You say

“I’m Hayes.”He said with a smile.

“Hayes!”Someone yelled from behind.Hayes looked over his shoulder, and you did the same. You then realized who they were. It was the Magcon Boys.Taylor was sitting behind you both with a smile on his face.“Can we switch seats?How come you get to sit by the pretty girl!?”He said with a pout on his face.“Just the luck of the draw bud.But you get to sit with Nash.He’s pretty too.”Hayes laughs.Gosh he’s gorgeous and funny, you thought to yourself.He’s a keeper! Just then the flight attendant came on the speaker,breaking Hayes and Taylor's conversation.You all listened to her “Keep your trays in the locked position” and “This is how the air masks work” instructions.“Once we are in the air, you can get up and use any technology. Thank you for flying American Airlines!” She said in a chipper voice. You looked over at Hayes who was looking out the window.“So,”You say breaking the silence.He looked up at you “What’s it like being a world famous Viner?” You thought it was a nice small talk.“Amazing! I’m living the dream!” He says.”You're a fan?”

“Ya sorta.”You reply.”I’m not going to fan girl... if thats what your asking?”

“Yeah... that’s what I'm asking.Not that I don’t love the fans it’s just I need some time off you know?” He says looking out the small window again.“I guess...I’m not famous so... I don’t really know....”You say as he looked back at You. You grabbed your ipod from your lap and handed an ear bud to him.He gladly took it and stuck it in his ear.You hit shuffle and of course Wild Life came on.“So,you’re not a fan or anything?”He says with a wink. You must have blushed a thousand shades of pink.He just chuckled, leaned over and kissed your cheek which You don’t know if it helped or just made you blush more.

“THAT SHOULD BE ME! I SHOULD BE THE ONE KISSING HER NOT YOU HAYES! LET ME LOVE YOU!” Taylor screamed your faces. Every one on the plane turned to look at you guys and Hayes and your faces became beet.Taylor just sorta backed away from the awkwardness, with a red face as well, while the rest of the boys were laughing their heads off.

After about five minutes later, the boy’s loud cackles died down and Hayes and your faces were almost back to a normal color.

“ You like to blush a lot, don’t ya?” Hayes said with yet another wink.“Hey! I wasn’t the only one who was blushing as red as a stop sign!” you counter back.You both started glaring at each other until after about a minute, you both started to crack up.“ Ok ok, since this a very long flight, I declare that we get to know each other.“Oh so now you ‘declare’ things?” this time it was your turn to wink.A light blush rose to his cheek, and you were going to ask Liam to play twenty questions.“ How ‘bout we play twenty questions?” Hayes asked.“Wow, haha I was just gonna ask you that" you told him“Haha that’s funny. I’ll start. What’s your Favorite Color?” he asked.“Haha, Classic question, My favorite color would have to be....Y/F/C" you told him.“Haha cool. Your turn.” he said and the game went on for about an hour until you guys got really tired.

“OK so I don’t know about you but... I’m really tired. I’m gonna take a nap.” you told him.Hayes agreed with you and you both tried to go to sleep. You couldn’t get comfortable so you laid your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes, now very comfortable.“You have a comfy shoulder” you told him.“Gee thanks, I do try.” He chuckled and you smiled now very tired and fell into a deep slumber.


“ Wakey, Wakey toast and bakey”he shook you.

“ 5 more minutes mom” you said back.“But, dear daughter of mine, I’m all lonely....Now you make Hayes sad” he told you.Dawww He’s so cute. You slowly opened your eyes only to see a very ecstatic Hayes looking down at you.You realize that your head is still on his shoulder and quickly lift your head.“ How much longer do we have?” you asked.“Um about 2 hours” he said.“What time did you wake up?” A light blush rose to his cheeks “oh you know... like.... a ..couple...-” “he’s been staring at you for, let’s see, about 2 hours now. You do the math.” Nash said trying to hold back his manly giggles.You turn back around to look at Hayes, only to see that he has developed an interest in the seat in front of him. He was also blushing like mad. You giggled and tried to get Hayes’s attention.




“ Huh, what?” He turned to look at You.“ You’re cute when you blush” you told him.“Gee thanks for thinking that” He said with a small smirk, sarcasm oozing from his answer. You then take out the book that you had brought with you, out of your carry-on bag and started to read it.“Hey, I love that book” he told you.“ Really? Me too! Haha” you said back


“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelt for we are just about to land. Thank you for flying American Airlines. We hope to see you soon.” The annoying Intercom voice said.The plane came down fast on the runway, jostling us all. You grabbed Hayes’s hand as you landed because you were scared the plane was going down but it didn’t.Hayes chuckled at you.The plane pulled into the terminal and you were now allowed to get off.Everyone piled off the plane. You and Hayes first, then the rest of the boys. You all walked out together to the airport and exchanged numbers but when asked for Hayes’s he just replied with a no. Did he hate you, you thought? But that was just the opposite. That night when you got home, you got a text from a Hazzy.Hayes told you that while you were sleeping, he had slipped your phone from your hands and added his number to your contacts. You went to sleep, feeling like you were floating!During the next few days, you and the boys became really close friends. You texted each one everyday, Hayes more than the others, and sometimes, when they weren’t busy, you guy’s would hang out. You were currently texting Nash when you got another text from Carter."Hey since Hayes is too chicken to ask you, you wanna come over" Carter asked.‘umm sure but y is he too chicken?’ You responded."you’ll find out later" he texted back.

OK then? You continued your conversation with Nash until you decided that you wanted to head to the boys house.You arrived in your car. You had to ring the doorbell a couple times, then heard some questioning noises, and finally Taylor opened the door panting and heaving. Yea... he’s something different alright.You walked through the door and patted him on the shoulder.You walked into the living room to see everyone watching a movie on the flat screen.

“Hey Y/N!” Matthew shouted “Hey Matthew what movie are you guys watching?”You asked sitting down next to him.“42 You can guess who picked that” all eyes went to Hayes.“I’m sorry” He said holding up his hands "I like this movie.” Hayes said in defense.“Well now that Y/N is here,lets get this party started!”Nash yelled, throwing his fists in the air.“Slow down party animals!” You said.” What are we going to do?” you asked.“TWISTER! I CALL IT!” Matthew yelled running out of the living room, coming back after a minute with the box.“Well. Who wants to go first” Taylor asked, laying out the mat.“ME!” You yelled.“Okay” Matthew said. taking the spinner, he spun it.”Left hand green” he shouted.You placed your hand on the green circle.”Done” you shouted back.“I’ll go next!”Hayes said. “Fine” Matt spun again.”Right hand yellow” he called.Hayes joined you on the board and the game continued from there. It took a long time until everyone was tangled together.

“Taylor left foot blue” Matt shouted from his seat on the floor. Taylor began to lift his left foot over Carter, who was on top of Hayes, who was on top of you, But before Taylor could put his foot down, Matt sneezed on Taylor’s head, causing Taylor to fall which also made all of you fall. You all were laughing until Hayes, who was laying next to you, saw your head.

He gasped.”Y/N you're bleeding”you both sat up and when you touched your head, sure enough, blood was on your hand.“Ok” you screamed causing everyone to look at you.” Who punctured my eyebrow with their tooth” you asked.No one said anything until Hayes stood up.

“Come on” he said reaching for your hand, pulling you up.”Let’s go get you cleaned up” he said to you.“LOOK AT HAYES BEING RESPONSIBLE”Matt yelled.“I can’t help the instinct come on” Hayes led you to the bathroom where he took a first aid kit out of the cabinet, “sit” Hayes said, pointing to the closed toilet seat. You sat down as he picked out a bandage out of the box. He started humming and doing this weird little dance. You thought it was the cutest thing ever. After his mini dance break, and finished picking out the ‘perfect’ bandage, is the way he put it. He unwrapped it and crouched down to your level. He stuck his tongue out, concentrating on your wound as he tried to stick the small bandage over it. Once he made sure the bandage was secure, he put his arms down and started to stare at you.“You have really pretty eyes” He said.“Thanks” You said, Looking down to try to hide the small blush creeping onto your face.“Hey can I ask you something?” You nodded, encouraging him to continue what he was saying.

“Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night” Hayes asked.

“Yes” you screamed.You and Hayes walked out of the bathroom arm in arm, smiling.

“So....” Taylor said.”I guess she said yes” he asked.After twister, Hayes let you go home to get ready. After a little prep and a shower,you still had an hour before Hayes picked you up, so you decided to paint your nails lilac.

You were caught up with watching your favorite TV show when the doorbell downstairs rang twice. You put your shoes on and went to the door. When you opened it, you saw a snazzy looking Hayes in a blue plaid shirt, black jeans and grey converse. He looked you up and down and smiled when he stopped at your face.

“You look beautiful.” He said. You looked down trying to hide the blush you could sense coming on.“You look good yourself where we going to” you ask.

“Hush child and let me drive" he told you.“Haha OK” You said with a little laugh. The ride took a little over a half an hour before you could start to see where you were going.“YOU’RE TAKING ME TO THE CARNIVAL! I LOVE YOU!!!!” You were so ecstatic.You loved carnivals soooo much.“Well I’m glad you like it!”He says with a laugh.

You guys pulled into the parking lot of the carnival and before Hayes could even open your door, you were out and dragging him in, laughing all the way.Once inside, you got loads of candy and popcorn,snowcones and funnel cake, and who could forget about COTTON CANDY!?Hayes bought the tickets and you felt bad because you didn’t like people spending money on you. Hayes had also won you a giant panda bear...

“Y/N” Hayes yelled pulling you through the crowd.”Look.”He pointed to a huge heart outlined with silver tinsel.

The Love Tunnel. “Want to go in?”You asked through a laugh.

“Well if you insist...” He said with a side smirk. You both got in line, which wasn’t very long, and waited. Once you got on the ride, it started to move.

“This reminds me of when Spongebob and Pearl go in the Tunnel of love and they get stuck-” You started but then stopped suddenly when the lights went out.A spot light shot on the side and Nash stood there with a mic.

“For you Y/N.From Hayes”He said with a wink.Jack G took his spot started to sing The Way You Look Tonight, one of your favorite songs. It was the nicest thing a boy has ever done for you and you took in every moment.He ended his song and the boys came out and all of lifted up their shirts in this order: Taylor’s stomach said BE, Cater’s said MI,Matt’s said NE and Nash had a question mark.

Hayes leaned over and whispered in your ear “Can you guess who came up with that idea” he asked.“Hm let me think”You said stroking your imaginary beard.”Matt” you guessed.

“Five points to you” he said.”But I have something for you” he pulled out a small wrapped box and handed it to you.You examined the wrap and slowly opened it.The small ring sat in the box perfectly.

“It’s gorgeous Hayes”You squealed,slipping the ring onto your finger”But what does the with me mean” you asked.He moved his hand over his neck and lifted up a dog tag.It said “I carry your heart”with a whole for the heart ring. You placed it in the spot and smiled .

“Y/N, will you be mine?”He asked with a slight smile.“Of course Hayes" you said giving him a passionate kiss.

You and Hayes ended up having a lasting relationship.After six years of dating you ended up getting married to Hayes and having two girls and two little boys in the way.

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